Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


8. Wake up, sunshine.


I wake up, my head punning, my thighs burning. I let out a groan as i get up. Im awaken by food cooking in my appartement, as i walk into my bathroom. I look at myself, realizing i didnt take off my smeared makeup from yesterday. I hear dishes falling and laugh at him.


Who's.. Him?

I walk downstairs heart beating fast as i peak seeing a blond hair cooking. Niall. Oh thank god. I sigh in relief and smile at Niall.

" Good morning Becca!" Niall says, in his deep morning voice.

" Hey Niall. " I smile and wince in pain as i sit down.

Niall chuckles and turns the stove off and puts the delicious food on the plate. I remember the last time Niall and I cook... i dont even want to think about it. I smile my thanks and Niall and I eat peacefully. That is, until Niall's phone rang.

" Hey mate!" Niall said.

" Hey Niall, where are you? "

" Oh, i met a girl last night, at the club... "

" Nice lad. Was she any good?"

It was Louis. I smirked and rolled my eyes at his question. Typical Louis.

" Oh yeah mate. Great night."

" Thats good. Listen, we have an interview today at... say 2 pm. So come back soon lad. Oh and dont forget the details, like her bum and stuff..."

Niall broke off to a laugh. " See you in a bit mate."

Niall and I decided to watch a movie. I forget the name, but it was definitely scary. Niall was in that " Halloween-mood " kinda thing. I loved him honestly. His laugh, his smile, his bleached blond hair. For quite a while i stared at Niall's features, the way he moves, and shivers in fear. He is definitely a cute little irish boy. 

Later on, Niall left. And i was lost in thought the rest of the day. Niall was great, and i wanted our relationship to get better. And in Niall's case, having a girlfriend would be a hard secret to keep from that sneaky band of his. I couldnt tell if he likes me back, but im only hopping yes. 


Its like, im addicted to him. Like he was a drug, i couldnt handle, and couldnt have enough of. 

And i was attracted... pretty hard.

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