Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


6. Starting over.... again.


I walk out of my apartment, brown hair, blue eyes, and well i look really different. My ( new ) phone made a little ding! signaling that i have an appointment with the SEVENTEEN! magazine manager. I tightened my coat around me, shivering at the cold september air. It was getting colder and colder at the minute. I rush over to my mini Cooper car, and jump in, turning the heat to full blast. I rush over to the SEVENTEEN! magazine building, like a cheetah. I think that's the first time ever, that there was NO rush in New York City. 

Once i park my car, i see billions of girls screaming at the door. Fangirling over some band, I think. I check my makeup, fix my hair and hop out of my car. A few girls look at me and smile. I walk past them and enter the building, receiving a blast of warm air. I walk over to the secretary and smile.

" Hi! Im Becca Victor, here for a job with SEVENTEEN! magazine." I smile.

" Hi Becca, glad you could make it. Follow me!"

I follow Mary's lead. We stop at a coffee maker and i receive a latte. Man, i would tottally love this job! I find my way over to Jessica's office, the owner of SEVENTEEN! magazine. I knock and here an " enter! ". I open the door and smile at Jessica. I sit down and wait. 

" Hi Becca, glad your here! " she says while typing.

" Hi Jessica! Im so extatique to be here. It's incredible!

" Great. So you would like to work here? Well, if so I already have a job for you! Are you a good photographer?"

" Well, I would say so. I have taken photography courses a few years ago. " I say.

" Interesting,  would you like to do that as your job here? "

" Of course! I would love too! " i say calmly.

Jessica gets off her seat and shakes my hand, and gives me a warm smile.

" Welcome to he business! "

" Thank you so much Jessica, this means so much!" I say excitedly. " When do I start? "

" How about.... now? We have a famous band coming in for a photoshoot. Does that work for you? "

" Of course. Perfect. "

Jessica leads me to a room, full of makeup, clothing, and Selena Gomez is finishing her photoshoot. OMG. She smiles at me when she walks to the exit. I squeal inside of me and follow Jessica around, nodding at everything she explained to me. 


One by one they walked in and- HOLY CRAP. Its them. again. One Direction, are here for a photoshoot? No. Oh hell no.

" Uh, i um.."

" Go on Becca, its time to start the photoshoot. Normally, the band and the photographer talk, and you will also take a few pictures with them! So let's go!"

Ugh. NO. Talk to THEM! I walk over like nothing happened and shake the boys hands. I look up when i shake Niall's hand. He squints at me, then his expression goes shocked. Oh shit. We sit and discuss about ourselves. Well they did. I insisted to talk about them more than myself.  I walk over to take the Canon camera and they place them. 

An hour later, once they are done taking pictures, the professionals do my makeup and i take a few pictures with them. Im next to Niall and he whispers suddenly:

" Becca, i know its you. Please dont get mad. I wont tell the boys if you answer. " 

I glance at the boys who are watching the camera, smiling and goofing off. I smile and lean to Niall.

" Fine. It is me. Dont tell them please. I will get fucking rapped again. Im not mad. I was hopping you would reconize me." i whispered back.

Niall and I stare at each other and realized that the camera flashed. Then, we lock lips and another flash goes off. Wait. another flash went off. Niall pulls away, realizing that we kissed at a photoshoot. 

" Niall.. the pictures.." i say.

" I know Becca. Im so sorry.." He says. 

I shake my head.

" Meet me tonight at 9h00 at the club closest to here. Please Niall. " i whisper. 

I leave and thank the boys for the great photoshoot. I see the boys smiking at my bum. I look back and flash my killer smile and see Louis, staring at me.

I just wished he knew that he was looking at his ex girlfriend and not the photographer.


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