Darkness - a short story

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
this is a short story I wrote which has like less than 1000 words its my first movella and I hope you enjoy it!!

it happened and I didn't know how to stop it I felt like the world was about to end and only the gloom would be left along with HIM. but instead I was given a chance... a chance to save everyone.


2. chapter 2

I open my eyes into nothingness and blink several times so they can adjust then again I don’t know if I want them to. “I’m glad you could join us” even the sound of his voice brought bile to my mouth, but what I looked upon was even more sickening…cages. Thousands and thousands of silver metal cages. “Why?” I ask my hands pushing me up, my body still felt sluggish. “I’m searching for something” “What are you looking for?” am I crazy! This man is a murderer he could kill me in a heartbeat why am I talking to him! “I am darkness, I am there in the corners while the light takes over, I am there while you sleep at the back of your mind, I am there while light rules within someone and keeps the others safe but I need it destroyed!” the man’s eyes turn blacker as he angers himself then go back to the shadows that they were. Taking a deep breath I ask one finally question. “Who has it and how does it work?” the man stands back and laughs cruelly. “Such ignorance. Why do you think I keep all these children, a child is born with the light as they are the thing that brings happiness the most to this world” he shuddered at the word happiness and continued. “The light exposes itself when it is needed most, that is why you are trapped here so I can

kill you all before light finds out my plan” at that moment I felt a warm sensation in the pit of my stomach like a new power I didn’t realise I had. The man looked at me horror on his beast like face “No no no no no not when I’m so close!!!” he screamed. All at once his face turned to one of determination and the void shot out of him, but at the same time a blinding golden light shot out of me and hit his darkness. I pushed with everything I had with my new found power “I will not let you win” I cried.  Without warning he was gone with a shriek and in his place black feathers. I slumped down against a wall, my head in my hands when I heard my name “SAM!!” turning my head there stood Polly and … “mum. Dad.” I ran towards them holding them close as my dad bent down and whispered “Thank you.” I smiled and looked down into a puddle; my hair was no longer a dirty brown but a golden blonde. Polly looked at me and asked “What happened?” I looked around and saw all the others who had been in the ghastly cages who were now hugging their families and simply replied “There is no more darkness because I am here, and I am light.”

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