My One And Only {1D}

My ring. It's speciel. I mean, all rings are speciel. But mine is just a tiny bit more speciel. It changes colour, When I'm looking at 'the one'. I can only marry my family, else I bring shame to them, and I loose my ring. And my life. My family consists of all the other people in the world that own a ring similar to mine, it's only about a thousand people or something. And i have to marry one of them.

If I take my ring off, the person i'm thinking of, or looking at, i will be bound with forever. My great-grandma did that. She married at 20 year old women the month after. And she was, let's just say, not young.


2. The Story

"Babe you have to go now if you're not gonna be late" he smacked my bum, and send me a cheeky smile. "Sure dad" i giggled and left his house.


I didn't bother looking back. He was my friend, but i never saw him at the same way he saw me. Jake was my friend, or 'boyfriend' but i only saw him as a good friend. He got me kinda popular at the school, and i'm really greatfull for that. But he's still just my friend in my eyes. Yes, we do 'intimate' stuff, and I like it. The only thing is, my ring doesn't like him.


I stuff my earbuds in my ears, and begin to walk down Londons streets. There's a lot of people, like in New Yorks streets. It's uncomftable and claustrofobic. I stop a second to get something out of my bag, and in the same second i get my bag in front of me, somebody walk into me from behind, so i drop my bag and all of my books end on the street.


"Shit" i mumble and begin to get them back in my bag. "I'm really sorry, i wasn't really looking up and..." he stop in the middle of his sentince when our eyes meet. "I like your ring" he blush a little and point at my forfinger where my ring is. "Erh, thanks" I can't do anything else than stare at my ring. It's red. It's not supposed to be red. It's made white!


I look from my ring to him, and then my ring again. "You can get it if you want?" I say and slowly begin to take it off. He quick stop me, and put it all the way back on. "Keep it, it suits you, and i have nobody to give it to. And i don't wear rings" he burst out a short giggle, and it sounds gorgeous.


"Would you mind if i got your number?" he sends me a little smile, and i just stand there and smile at him. He looks abselutely perfect with his blond hair and really blue eyes.


"Hello? are you there?" he wave a hand in front of my eyes and give me a little slap on my cheek. "Yeah, sorry" i shake my head fast and look at him questionly. "You said?" i take a deep breath.


Don't screw this up girl! He's 'the one'! And he is in front of you!


"Would you mind if I got your number?" he send me one of his gorgeous smiles. I nod quickly and begin to say my number. I look shortly at my phone to see what time it is. Shit! I have to get home!


"Oh I'm really sorry but i have to go, just call or something. Okay?" I make some wierd moves with my hands, he nods fast and i move past him, and set up the speed. "Hey wait! You shouldn't go alone" he sends me a cheeky smile, and walk beside me.


When we get to my house, i wave goodbye, and walk inside.


"Mooooom! I'm gonna be in the kitchen!" i yell up the stairs while walking into the kitchen. I find an apple and sit down on a bar chair by the island in the middle. "Hey honey" my mom come flying in the door, and over to the coffe maker.


"About the ring mom. What happens when i meet 'the one'?" i take a bite of my apple, and look intensely at my mom. I've heard the story so many times, but i keep listening to it. "You know that, the ring changes colour!" mom take a sip of her coffe and look at me. "My ring got blue, my favorite colour that time" my mom and dad met when they were 14, they've been 'madly' in love since then.


"What will happend if my ring shows it self to one that ain't in our family?" I never really got that story, and I wanna know, cuz my ring did that earlier. "Plz say your ring didn't do that" she looks worried at me, and i don't wanna screw everything up. So i just lie saying 'no'.


"Then what are you doing with that Jake dude" she points around with her finger, looking stupid as heck. "He just makes me feel loved" i mumble and looking at my apple. I've only took one bite. I'm not really hungry. "That's my girl" she gave my forehead a quick kiss, before leaving the room.


And there i sit. Forever alone in my kitchen. Wohooo!

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