My One And Only {1D}

My ring. It's speciel. I mean, all rings are speciel. But mine is just a tiny bit more speciel. It changes colour, When I'm looking at 'the one'. I can only marry my family, else I bring shame to them, and I loose my ring. And my life. My family consists of all the other people in the world that own a ring similar to mine, it's only about a thousand people or something. And i have to marry one of them.

If I take my ring off, the person i'm thinking of, or looking at, i will be bound with forever. My great-grandma did that. She married at 20 year old women the month after. And she was, let's just say, not young.


11. Goodbye and Hello

Jose's P.O.V

I need to go out and look for somebody or I'll be stuck with Harry. Not to be rude or something but I don't wanna end up with him. It wouldn't be fair for Niall. 

I threw the rest of my stuff in a bag and walked down the stairs. Niall looked troubled. "How long will you be gone?" he walked over to me and took my hand. "A long time, at least a month. Then there will be the wedding, and..." I stopped talking just stared at him. "I'm sorry you had to meet me" i wispered. He looked at me with sorrowfull eyes, shaking his head. "Don't be" he kissed me slowly. He had tried to convince me to take him with me out looking for 'my speciel somebody' but i told him off. It wouldn't work.

"Bye" I whispered before walking out the door and getting into a cab. My eyes closed as soon as the car started moving. I was going to Italy. It's like 'the headquaters' for my family, and i suppose there would be a lot of people i could give myself away to.


* * *


I arrived in Italy around 5 o'clock, their time. I had a deal with my uncle Alfred who fortunately lived in Italy, i was gonna stay at his place for a month, or until i was ready to leave.


I took cab to his place, and he greeted me with the biggest smile i have seen in weeks. "Salve!" he almost yelled in my face, he was always so positive. "Hey" i answered with a sad smile. He took my luggage up to the room i was gonna stay in. I thanked him and he left. I was gonna contact my cousin Carlos tomorrow, he knew everybody with a ring in Italy. 

I sat down on the bed and looked around the room. It was really just a plain room, a bed a closet and a lamp. Nothing else. No bookshelf or paintings. I liked it.


* * *


I woke up around nine o'clock with a massive headache. Weird. I got up up the bed and threw on some clothes. "I'm off" I yelled to Alfred as i walked out the door. Carlos and i decided to meat at a café or something which only was a few blocks away so i decided to walk.

As I walked i looked at all the buildings, some old, some new, some modern others, not so modern. 

I arrived and saw that Carlos was inside already. I waved at him and sat down. "Salve Jose!" he greeted with a grin. "Hi, so anybody nearby?" i got straight to the case, i just wanted to go home. "Yeah, my assistant, James, he should be here any minute" He smiled at me with sorrow eyes. "I heard about you and that famous boy. I'm sorry you had to leave him" he really looked sorry, so i just nodded. 

A guy came walking over to out table and i looked down at his hand, a ring. It started glowing as he walked closer. "I'll leave you two to it" Carlos winked at me before leaving. "Hello love" the guy greeted and sat down opposite me. He was obviously from England, his accent told so.


We talked for ours and he seemed like a great guy, not one i would hook up with naturally, but he was fine. "Wanna go back to mine?" I could see on his face that he wanted to get it on with me. I shook my head. "I need to go home, like home to England, I'm only staying here as long as i need" he nodded. "So i guess we are gonna get married in the end of the month?" he looked questioning at me. I just nodded. "Here's my address, you can just visit me when you're coming to London. Just so you know, i'm not planning some big wedding" he nodded and hugged me goodbye. 


* * *


I sneaked up to my bedroom where i saw Niall laying in my bed hugging one of my shirts. The pillow was stained with tears. He had been crying, and I've only been gone three day. I sat down on the bed next to him caressing his face. "You're home early" he mumbled half asleep. "Yeah, i know the right people" i smiled at him and laid down, looking at him. "What's his name?" he looked right at me with sad eyes. "James" i mumbled closing my eyes. It hurt to see Niall like this. He kept quite, i think he fell asleep. "Sleep tight" i mumbled kissing his forehead.  

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