The Weapon Witch

Her name is Soka, no one knows about her past and she never speaks. She communicates to her meister, Vinjio, telepathically. She's come for revenge but no one knows it, who is she out to get and why? Her story is about to unfold before the DWMA's eyes.


19. Vinjio

We stared. On her pale hands were rings. Each finger had a silver ring with a silver skull on it like her earrings. Their ruby eyes seemed to watch. On her thumbs were just plain silver bands. Her eyes, were black. Pure black. No pupil, no iris, no white. Just black. But in the middle were skulls.

Her pupils must've been the skulls in the middle of her eyes. Her cheeks were stained with tears. Her lips were black with a white skull in the middle of them. Shock rendered me frozen. "My mother can't rest until she's been served the justice she deserves!" She clenched her fists, eyes angry.

She looked demonic yet beautiful. "Tolia the rose witch." Stein murmured. "I see it now."

Tears clouded Soka's eyes as he said this. "Yes!" She snapped.

"I didn't want to kill her. I had to. She's a witch and everyone at DWMA must kill a witch." Spirit said sheepishly.

"You won't kill me." Soka gritted her teeth.

She raised her hands and cried, "Vines!"

Suddenly black vines spouted and wrapped around everyone, except me. Her arm became a blade and she ran at Maka. Maka screamed and without thinking I ran. Pain seared through my left arm and I let out a bloodcurdling scream. "Vinjio!" Tsubaki screamed.

The vines disappeared and Soka stumbled back. I fell to my knees and held my shoulder. My left arm lay on the ground next to me, blood bleeding from it and where it had been cut from my body. I looked at Soka. Panic entered her eyes as her arm came back. "V-Vinjio..." She whispered.

More tears. "Please, stop." I stood and stepped toward her.

"I-I can't! I'm sorry." She covered her mouth, staring at where she'd cut off my arm.

Stein came running at her from behind. Spirit in his hands. He swung and my eyes widened. "Shield." Soka said, watching me.

A black shield appeared and blocked every attack from them as we stared at each other. "Soka I don't want to lose you, you have to stop! This is crazy!"

"You don't understand! I'm in so much pain! They need to feel it too!" Soka cried.

"No! Enough!" I yelled.

She gritted her teeth and turned. The shield disappeared and I watched as my friend and weapon ran down the steps. "Lord Death?" Stein asked.

"I'm afraid, you have to kill her." Lord Death said sadly. 

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