The Weapon Witch

Her name is Soka, no one knows about her past and she never speaks. She communicates to her meister, Vinjio, telepathically. She's come for revenge but no one knows it, who is she out to get and why? Her story is about to unfold before the DWMA's eyes.


9. Vinjio

Stein and Spirit stood before us, relaxed. I was stiff, anticipation coursing through me. I was boiling over with excitement, balling my fists up and then un-balling them. I was always like this before a fight. Excited, anxious, ready to hit the first thing that came at me. Soka was different. She stood there, I'm sure a calm expression on under that hood.

She was calm and collected. Even during a fight, it was like she didnt even need to try as she dodged from the attacks. Each movement, graceful, elegant, so refined. Like a river, her motions never stopped, only flowed from one to another. Holding her seemed to take me over, giving me the skill I needed to match her skill. "Your souls are very in sync. I don't think I've seen such balanced wave lengths before. Though one seems more eager and excited to fight. The other wants it done with already." Stein said.

I grinned, knowing which was which. "Well?" I turned toward Lord Death, who'd come to watch the practices today.

I shifted my stance, waiting for the signal. "Alright, begin!" Lord Death said in his cartoon like voice.

I grabbed Soka, her body shifting into a scythe. I ran at the men before us. Spirit became a scythe and Stein stared, waiting. I knew what he was doing, and the moment I got close I ducked. He turned quick and I swung. I repeatedly tried to land a blow on him, only to be blocked. 'He's going in for his own attack.' Soka thought.

I nodded. Suddenly, Stein turned and tried to hit me in the stomach saying, "Soul Purge."

I lept to the side and rushed in. His eyes widened slightly with surprise. I hit him in the side with my shoulder and he stumbled. As his attack was down I ran in. 'Cry of the Dead! Now!' Soka thought.

"Cry of the Dead!" I yelled, and swung her.

A few feet from stein, a powerful sound wave flew off Soka's blade at him. A loud, ear splitting screech emanated from the sound wave and hit Stein, sending him flying back into a wall. He landed and stood. I charged at him, Soka raised. I swung her and just as she came down Lord Death yelled, "Enough!"

I stopped Soka an inch from Stein's face. I backed away, flustered. I yelped suddenly and dropped Soka. My hands burned. Soka was angry and I could feel it coming off her in waves. "That was so incredible." Crona said.

"If you got any better we could be like that! If you don't work harder I'll put thumbtacks in your shoes!" Ragnarok yelled.

"No! Thumbtacks would stick in my feet whenever I try to walk and I don't think I could deal with that really." Crona whined.

'You ok Soka?' I thought to her.

'Fine.' She hissed back.   

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