The Weapon Witch

Her name is Soka, no one knows about her past and she never speaks. She communicates to her meister, Vinjio, telepathically. She's come for revenge but no one knows it, who is she out to get and why? Her story is about to unfold before the DWMA's eyes.


4. Soka

I smiled beneath my hood. Me and Vinjio sat at a table, the other kids spread out at the table too. "Hey Soka?" Patty tapped my arm.

I turned to her. "Why don't you talk?" She asked, her eyes big and blue.

"It's just her decision. She communicates telepathically with me." Vinjio answered her question.

"So is she mute?" Black Star asked, a mouthful of turkey leg.

I shook my head. "She's not mute...just doesnt like to talk." Vinjio glanced at me.

I reached for an apple and took a big bit, savoring the juicyness. "Your fighting skills are impressive." Maka said after an uncomfortable silence.

"I would hope so. We've been partners for eight years." Vinjio smiled.

Eight years was a long time, I'd lost track of how many souls I'd eaten. "Eight years?! Amazing! Did you eat souls?" Tsubaki asked.

"Soka ate souls, strictly Kishin souls though." Vinjio said proudly. "We also went to tournaments. We fought ordinary people, no killing of course. The referees would stop it if the fight got to far."

I chuckled as he said this. We'd been stopped a few times before. "We may have gotten carried away a couple times in the fights." Vinjio rubbed his head, a sheepish grin on his face.

"Why join the DWMA now?" Soul asked.

"Soka persuaded me. She said we weren't going to get any better if we continued on our own." Vinjio looked at me.

I shrugged. "I guess she's right...." Vinjio leaned back.

"More training helps you. No matter how good you are." Death the Kid said.

Changing the subject Liz said, "You're Tsubaki's older brother so shouldn't you be a weapon too?"

"Some of the Nakatsukasa Clan were meisters." Vinjio huffed. "And I'm happy to be a meister, because I have the best weapon ever."

He jerked his thumb at me, a smile stretched across his face. 'We don't want to cause a rivalry here, Vinjio. Be careful what you say.' I thought to him.

'I won't.' He thought back.

"You have the best weapon? Yeah right! Tsubaki is the best weapon! And she can change into several different ninja weapons so there. And I'm the best meister!" Black Star stood.

Tsubaki sighed and looked down. "Soka changes into a scythe, double sided axe, mace, flail, sword, katana, a pistol, spear, a shuriken, and a simple metal bo staff." Vinjio grinned.

He glanced at me and held out his hand. With a sigh, I stood, the others staring in anticipation.

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