Heart to Heart

Ella was just a girl. Her step mother hated her and her brother, a member of the worst band ever, the wanted, made her life a living nightmare. So life isn't always what it seems especially when all of a sudden you are took into the hands of Harry Styles. Will she sell him her heart? or keep it locked up in storage,?


2. The Lost Get Found

Harry's P.O.V:

"Lou look, theres a girl on the bench shes crying and its raining." "Should we stop and ask her if she needs help?" "I guess so we have time to waste its not like we have a concert tonight or interviews or anything to do." I reached over and switched off the radio and Louis pulled the car into a stop. The girl looked as if she were lost. So I spoke to her. "Hello love are you ok?" "No not at all. I am lost, all alone, and I have no clue where to go." "Whats your name?" "Ella McDowell. I know who you are, Harry Styles." "Lovely name. May I ask what in the world a girl like you is doing here by herself?" "Well long story..."

Ella's P.O.V:

I told Louis and Harry everything. I have no clue why I did. I did not even know them well. Before I knew it they asked me where was I going. I wasnt quite sure so they told me to put my stuff in the car and to get in. I had no clue why but I did nothing at all felt weird about the situation it felt as if the world had been lifted off my shoulders. My cellphone started to buzz. "Ella whos that?" Harry asked. Louis saw the caller I.D and pulled the car over and answered the call, it was Max. Before I knew it me and Harry and Louis were busting out laughing. So we drove for maybe about 25 minutes and Louis pulled in somewhere. "Here it is Casa de Styles and Tommo." Harry annouced. I dont know why but I felt like this was quite a good thing and I probably shouldnt question it. I mean they barely even know me.

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