Heart to Heart

Ella was just a girl. Her step mother hated her and her brother, a member of the worst band ever, the wanted, made her life a living nightmare. So life isn't always what it seems especially when all of a sudden you are took into the hands of Harry Styles. Will she sell him her heart? or keep it locked up in storage,?


1. All Alone

Ellas P.O.V:

"Young lady I thought I told you to do this for me." "I already did Sharon." "No you haven't theres a spot there, there, there, and here MAX get down here and show this swine what she didnt do." I felt a sickness come about my stomach again. I still cant understand why my dad married this wicked witch and why he had to be in the accident. But who am I to say. Max and Sharon made my life a living nightmare all I wanted to do half the time was leave. But sadly I dont see any fairy godmothers or any chance at finding prince charming. Walking down the stairs I heard someone behind me. It was Max. "You little..." He slapped me and I had a horrid place on my face and back where he kicked me down the stairs. I started crying. "Cry all you want Ella its not like you are ever gonna escape." Suddenly I had a great plan I packed all my stuff up in bags and walked and walked. Before I knew it I was lost. And it was raining so I found a bench and I stopped and cried. I heard a car zoom by after car. When finally a car with two guys in it stopped.

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