One Direction adopted a hybrid

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  • Published: 16 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 26 Oct 2013
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Katie gets sent to a orphanage in London???? Who might adopt her??
WHat happens on a Full moon? Read and find out.


3. first full moon


          no one's pov


     That night they were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Krystal says to her " Katie your shifting". Katie jumps from the couch runs out side strips naked and shifts fully into her wolf.


  ( Boys=b, Krystal=Kr)


b~ what is the matter?

Kr~ *panics* nothing why would something be wrong?

b~ she just ran outside.

Kr~ she always dose that. She goes for walks in the woods for 4 hours. no biggy.

b~ ok


    ~next morning~

 Niall wakes up and hears snoring outside. He goes and checks to see Katie sleeping on the porch naked.


  Niall calls for the boys and Krystal runs down with clothes and dresses her and takes her to bed. When she wakes up the boys ask her why she was outside sleeping naked?

  Katie says " What harry can walk around on a airplane naked and I can't sleep naked outside?

  Then they have breakfeast and there is a knock at the door. Katie goes and sees it's wayne and derrick. Two of her old wolf pack members.



   ( Wayne=W, Derrick=D, Katie=K)


 K~ What are you boys doing here?

D~ We told you we find you.

W~ yeah and Alpha George is not happy you went rouge.

K~ I'm sorry but why I wasn't important.

W~ He said you are our best fighter and tracker and he says he has a crush on you.

K~ Well im not his mate and he is just mad someone didn't listen to him.

D~  Yeah that is why he kicked us out to. He said since we are friends he doesn't want to have us be a reminder his crush ditched him.

K~  I'm sorry you got kicked out you can stay here if you need to. My dads won't mind.

W~ wait dads as in more than 1?

K~ yeah I was adopted by one direction.

W+D~ do they know what you are??

K~ no but I'm telling them now.



   Katie went in the kitchen and told the boys everything. The boys thought she was kidding. Then she showed them her wolf and they spent the rest of the day taking turns petting her and going for rides on Katie's, Wayne's, and Derrick's back.




 Hey guys I'm going to try and updated every Friday and  Satarday. 

The reason is because my birthday is Monday and my school starts Wednesday and I won't be home till 5 and I have to clean the house. 

>:( not fun.  This story is based on one of my dreams and if you want to be a co-Author just text me at 389-7421. but make sure its after 4:00.

The people in this story other than one direction are my friends. They actually are fun to hang out with until you get Wayne and derrick together then they can be mean. :( oh well stay beautiful my loves.


  ~ shayla <3  











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