One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


10. The Suprise


Liam POV

     I wake up the next morning and I notice that there is something missing. I look over and Niall is gone. I look over to the clock and notice it is already noon. I guess I slept in really late.

     I get up out of bed and walk over to the wardrobe and pick out some sweats and a plain t-shirt. Once they are on, I walk out of my room into an extremely quiet, empty house. I guess the lads went out for lunch? Probably Nandos, I think to myself as I think of Niall. I know I just broke up with Dani, but that dream last night felt so real. It made me realize the obvious; what has been going on for the past years. I like him.

     Anyways, I notice that their phones are still scattered around the house, remembering that our suitcases are arriving today! I wonder how many missed calls and texts will appear. Next thing I know, almost like I predicted it, the doorbell rang and I walk over to the door. I open it up and see five BIG boxes and a man standing there waiting for me to sign them.

 I sign my name on his little device and give it back to him.

 "Thanks," he said before leaving. I carry the boxes in the house and set them in the living room.

 I look at them and notice one has my name on it. I go grab a knife and open the brown box to find all of my things. I smile and decide that the first thing I am going to do is find my charger. Then I will go through and find the other lads chargers. After what felt like an hour of digging through my things, I pull out a charger and run over to my phone and plug it in. I decide to go back and get the other chargers. I find Louis', Harry's and Niall's. I couldn't find Zayn's so I will let him get it on his own. I hear noises coming from the kitchen where I plugged my phone in. I started counting. 27 texts, probably from Dani. 2 voicemails. Weird, I don't usually get voicemails. What surprises me is that I have over 50 missed calls. Once it stops going off, I get up and slowly walk over to my phone.

 I look at the phone and see the texts are in fact from Danielle, except for one. It was from Uncle Si. Strange.

 It read,

 Liam! As soon as you see this, give me a call. This is extremely important. DO NOT ignore this.

     I just kind of stared at the message. What could be so important? I decided to close it and check all of my other notifications first.

     There were a couple from Harry's family, Zayn's and Niall's. I didn't see any from Lou's. Next, I see about 30 from Simon.

     I jumped at the sound of the door opening.

     "Hey, Liam! Glad to see you are up!" Says Zayn.

     I smile at him and look at the other missed calls. I just freeze and tense up. Tears start to form at my eyes and Niall comes up behind me and hugs me.

     "Liam, what's wrong? Are you okay?" He asks, worried. I can't see the others, but I can feel them looking at me. Niall lets go and I drop my phone, shattering the screen.

      "LIAM!" Zayn yells.

      I start to shake, trying to hold back the tears, but I can't. Niall tries to hug me, but I push him off and reach down for the phone, completely ignoring the screen. I touch one of the missed call entries. It was from three in the morning this morning. It was from Harry's phone.

      "He- he called me." I say with a blank tone. "How is that even possible?"

      "Liam, what are you talking about?" Niall asks me.

      "Har- Harry called my phone this morning. Look!" I show him the phone. As he is looking at him, he gives me back my phone because Simon texted me again.

     "Oh, I almost forgot." I start, "Simon wants me to call him. He said it is extremely important."

     "Well," Louis says, "Let’s go call him."

     We all squeeze into the kitchen and I dial the number. I hit speaker and wait for an answer.

     "Hello? Liam? Are you there?"

     "Yeah, and the other lads are, too. You’re on speaker."

     There was complete silence for a second before Simon said, "Liam, take me off of speaker for a minute."

     I do as he asks.

     "Okay. You are off. What is so important? Simon, calm down! You’re breathing really heavy!"

     I look at the boys and their eyes are full of concern.

     "Sorry. I need you to do something for me," Simon says, "Take Louis far away from the kitchen. Preferably out of the house for a few minutes."

     "Umm, okay?" I cover the mic and say, "Zayn, take Louis outside for a few minutes."

     "May I ask why?" Louis asks.

     "Simon needs to talk to me alone." I hear mumbling from the phone and put it to my ear.

     "I need to talk to you AND Niall. Just hurry and get Louis out please."

     "Zayn," I say, "Please take Louis." He nods and takes Louis out the front door. I put Simon back on speaker.

     "Okay, Simon. You’re back on speaker. Why did you want Louis gone?"

     "Is Niall there?" He asks, "And, I don't know how Louis will react to what I am going to tell you."

     "Yeah, I'm here," Niall said, eating chips. Didn't he just get back from lunch?

     "So what is going on Simon? Is everything okay?"

     Louis POV:

     We walk out the front door and out into the yard and just sit there.

     "Zayn?" I ask, "Why do you think that Uncle Si wanted me out of the house?"

    "I don't know, Lou, but if it is private business between Liam and Niall, don't worry about it too much. They will tell you when they are ready."

     I can see a worried look on Zayn's face. I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing. I look up at the blue sky. It is quite a nice day out today and I want to take full advantage of it.

     "So, do you miss him?" He asks, breaking me from my thoughts. I was quite surprised at his expression. I honestly had to think about who 'him' is.

     "I- Of course! We all do." I say, tears forming in my eyes. I can't let them escape this time. I have to be strong and try to move on. But it is so hard because when the one you love passes on... It is very hard to forget. I feel a tear roll down my cheek and feel Zayn pull me closer to him.

     "Shhhh, Lou. I'm sorry! I shouldn't have brought it up so soon." I can hear the sorrow and regret in his voice. I wish I could tell him it wasn't his fault, but nothing would come out so I gave in and cried. I am so thankful Zayn was always there for me. I love him as a brother and nothing right now could change that. As I cry on his chest, he rubs my back and rocks me back and forth saying comforting things. After about two minutes, I find some words to say.

     "I do. So, so much." Zayn looked at me confused, then realized what I was talking about. "I want him back! It hurts so much not to have him here!"

     "I know. It will be okay. You still have me and the others," He said smiling. I force a smile back to let him know I am very grateful.

     "I know. But I don't have him anymore. It’s so hard, Zayn!"

     "Lou, don't talk like that. I can't say everything will be alright because I don't know if it will. But, I can assure you that we are all here for you."

    "Thanks," I say, calming myself down. I widen my eyes as I realize that there are only 4 of us instead of five. "Are- Are we going to have to replace him?"

     "I- I don't know. I haven't thought of that. I don't want to any more than you do, but it won't be our choice." He replies.

 I just sit there wondering what management will do about that. I lay down in the grass and close my eyes, trying to clear my mind. Zayn does the same next to me and lets out a sigh. 

 "Everything will be sorted out soon." He says. And with that, I fall asleep.


 It was probably only about 15 minutes later when I wake up hearing Liam and Niall screaming, "ZAYN! LOUIS! GUYS!" I pop up from the ground but of course, Zayn takes his time to get up.

 Once Zayn gets up, Niall and Liam are standing in front of us.

 "Simon has rented us a place in Australia for a week. He said that this might help us relieve a little stress. It is right on the water and it sounds gorgeous!"

 I look at Liam and smile, thanking Simon in my head. "When do we leave?" I ask.

 "In about four hours." Niall said. Zayn's eyes widen and he shoots into the house and starts to pack. Knowing him, it will take him all 4 hours.

 "Don't just stand there, Lou, " Niall says, "Go and start packing! There will be a car for us in a little."

 I nod at them and go into my room and start to pack. I really hope this will get my mind off of Harry...


 A little over three hours have passed and I walk into Zayns room and hear 3 boys talking. I decide to listen in on what they are saying, but I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't wait any longer and I walked in to see Zayn's face filled with tears, but at the same time, with a huge smile. This is very confusing.

 "You need anything, Lou?" Niall asks.

 "No, I just finished packing and was going to go see if Zayn needed help. Is there something going on?" I ask.

 "No, everything is fine," Liam says just a little too quickly. I just decide to shrug it off. Out of nowhere, we hear a horn of a car, signaling that it was time to leave. Zayn runs around his room like a mad man and throws a few more things into his bag. He zips it up and once everyone has their things, we head out the door and into the waiting car.

 Once we are in the car, it is complete science except if someone coughs or sneezes. It felt like hours until we pulled up to the airport. We walk through the airport until we find our gate. We wait until first class is called and get in line. Like usual, Paul is there to protect us from all of the screaming girls and the media. I have to admit, I do miss having a personal life where no one would follow me everywhere, but I would never give up what I had now.

 "Lou, come on!" I hear Liam say. I must have dozed off because people have passed me in line.

 Once I am in my seat and all situated, I put my headphones on and try to get some rest. I haven’t really slept well and having an 11 hour flight will give me time to get rest. The last thing I hear is the flight attendant giving exit instructions and then I doze off into a much needed sleep.


 I pull up to the park and find a curly haired boy sitting on the ground with a blanket beneath him. I look next to him and see a basket, most likely with food in it. I smile at the sight of him. It feels like I haven’t seen him for so long. I get out of the car and walk over to where he is sitting.

"Hey Lou! Glad to see you!" He says, smiling.

 "Hey," I say as I sit next to him, "So, what do you got there?"

"Nothing special. Just some lunch. I thought it would be nice to do something a little different," Harry states, "but this is okay, right?"

 I look at him and see a worried expression on his features. I laugh a little and say, "It's perfect."

 He smiles the cutest smile possible and he grabs two sandwiches and a bag of chips out of the bag. He hands me the basket and it has a couple of different drinks in there so I just pick water. I give it back to him and he hands me a sandwich. Apparently I look sad or something because he asks me what is wrong. I look at him and just hug him. I don't know why but I feel like something happened to him that I can't remember. And it wasn't a good thing.

 "Lou, come on. Tell me, what happened?" I look at him and I was about to tell him when it hit me. At our last concert, he was shot and killed.

 "Harry, you were shot. And killed. At our last concert. How are you he-"

 "What are you talking about? I was never shot or anything. It must have been a bad dream." He pulls me closer. "I will never leave you, Lou. Even if I am not here in person, I am in spirit."

 I look at him and smile at his words. I knew he meant what he said. We just sit and cuddle for a while in a comfortable silence. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment.

 Harry all of a sudden yelps and made me jump.

 "Haz, are you okay?" I asks, worried.

"I- I don't know- know. M- My chest r-really hurts. I can barely breathe."

 I look down at his chest and see blood pouring from the left side. How did this even happen? No one is here! My face goes pale.

 "HARRY!" I scream as he falls over and passes out, "NO, NO, NO! Please don't leave me! HAZ!"

 I sit there, screaming and crying. I feel like I am being shaken. What the hell?


 "LOU! WAKE UP!" Liam almost screams in my face. He is shaking me to get me up.

 I wake up and I am shaking violently. I feel wetness all down my cheeks and there is a big water stain on my shirt. Oh my God. It was just a dream. Thank god!

 "Wh- what's wrong?" I ask.

 "Lou, you were yelling Harry's name and crying really hard. Lou, what happened?" Liam asked as he sits next to me.

 "It- it's nothing." I say as I look away from his direction.

 "You can't trick me into believing it was nothing, lad. Not this time." Ugh, Liam can be so stubborn.

 "I had a dream that Haz was alive again and we were at a picnic. We were cuddling and he yelped and there was a hole in the middle of his chest and he died. I couldn't bear to see him go again." I start to cry again and Liam pulls me close to him and tries to calm me down.

 "Shhh, It was just a dream. You're okay Lou. I'm here." His words kind of help, but it's not all a dream. Harry IS gone and he isn’t coming back. I have to accept that and try to move on. I ask Liam what time it is and he looks at his watch. Before he can answer, the pilot comes on and says the time and that we will be landing in 20 minutes. Wow. Time goes by fast. I look at Liam and smile saying, "Thanks."

 The plane landed a few minutes ago and we are already out of the plane and in the airport.

 "Well, lads," Zayn says, "Let's just try to enjoy the time we have here." We all nod.

 "Now, Simon said that there will be a man or woman with 'DO' on them." Liam states. We all look at him confused as to what 'DO' would stand for, "He said he wanted us to have some privacy, or at least a little bit. Oh, it stands for 'Direction One'." It makes much more sense now. We all nod and keep walking.

 "Over there!" Niall says. We look in the direction he is pointing and find a small man dressed in a black suit with 3 other men that are a little larger than Paul. I am guessing that they are going to help us to the limo? Because I can't imagine no fans outside waiting to see us.

 We head over to where the men are standing.

 "Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam?" Why do people always pronounce my name 'Lewis'?!

 "We are," Liam replies.

 "Welcome to Aussie, boys! Get your things and follow me." We all look at each other and do as told. As I expected, there were a couple hundred people out there screaming our names. There were several questions about where Harry is. I am so glad that Management gave us the choice of letting that out to public. Anyways, we walk up to a huge white limo and climb in with all of our things. It is about an hour ride to the beach house. Niall was sleeping and Zayn was asleep also, but not Niall. I look at Liam and see him giving Zayn a death stare. I don't know what that is all abo-... No, it can't be. I mean, it’s kind of obvious, but he just broke up with Dani.

 It has been about an hour and the driver said we would be there in five minutes. Liam has been texting rapidly for the past hour. It's kind of strange because he doesn't usually text much.

 We pull up to the house. It is absolutely beautiful. It is two stories, right on the beach, and there are two cars...

 "Liam, why do we have cars in the driveway?" I ask.

 "Simon rented us a car."

 "But there are two of them." I say.

 "Well, maybe he wanted to surprise us! He did say that there would be a surprise when we got here." He looks at Zayn and Niall and they smiled really big. I am so confused as to what has been going on lately.

 "Okay, what the hell is going on?!" I ask.

 "What do you mean?" Liam replies.

 "What I mean is that you are keeping something from me. I don't know what it is, but I want to know."

 "Well, what makes you say that?" Niall asks.

 "Everytime you mention the word 'surprise' or something like that, all of you burst out into smiles!"

 "Lou, can we tell you once we are inside?" Liam asks.

 I pause and sigh,  "I guess so."

 The limo is parked in the driveway and we are piling out of the car. We grab our stuff and head towards the door. Man, this is a huge house! I look over to Liam, who is still texting, as he runs into a bush in the front of the house. We all laugh and he just blushes a deep shade of red. 

"Can't you just tell me now?" I beg, really wanting to know what they are keeping from me. I mean, it can't be that big because we know practically everything about each other! I am the first one in line to the door so I try to open it. Locked.

 "Does anyone have a key?" I yell out.

 "No, Simon just said to ring the bell." Liam answers.

 "Why would I do that? No one is in the house!"

 "Just do it!" Niall shouts back. I can't figure out why they are all so far back behind me. Weirdos.

 I push the button that makes the bell ring. Only about 3 seconds later, I hear the door unlock and open. It is opened for me to find a tall, curly haired boy with beautiful glowing green eyes and a smile. It can't be! Can it?

 "Ha- Harry?"

 "Hey, Lou."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Hey everyone!!! Sorry for not updateing in a while... It's not much though. It was a little harder to write this time. Anyways, Leave in the comments on what you think! I will be writing another book soon so look out for that!!! Thanks for reading!!! If you could, tell your directioner friends to come and read it! I would greatly appriciate it :)

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