One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


18. The Search


We are staying at the police station because the rain has increased too much to drive home. We hung up on Louis an hour ago, well his phone died. 

"Will you guys be able to find him?" I ask the police officer. 

She sits next to me and says, "we already have. Now we just need the stupid paperwork to get in there and arrest the bitch and pull your mate out."

"Do you know when that will be?" I ask shyly. 

"We are hopeing tomorrow morning since this is an urgent case," the officer says. "We didn't tell you this, but we tracked his phone again, using more satelites and we pinpointed his exact location!"

I get a little jumpy and sit up, realising that they know exactly where he is!

"So we will leave first thing in the morning?" I ask excitedly. 

"Sure thing. And you get some sleep."

How could i get sleep when i know that my Boo Bear is tied up and hurt?


I am on the phone with Harry when Olivia comes down to the basement. She sees me on the phone and yells at me but i am not sure what she said. all i see is she grabs a hammer from the other side of the room and quickly walks in my direction. 

I beg and pleed for her not to do anything, but she doesn't care. She takes the hammer and breaks my left shin and I scream in pain. Then she moves down to my ankle on the same leg and does the same action. 

"I guess no food for you tonight," She whispers into my ear before leaving. 

All i can do is hang here and cry. The police ask me a few questions and i answer them, still painfully crying. Even just takeing a quick breath hurts because while i was asleep, i woke up to her beating my chest with a bat. 

A little while later, my phone dies. I heard them say that they know where I am and is commign to get me. But right as my phone dies, the door opens. 

I see Olivia appear from the staircase as she slowly walks towards me. 

"So," she says. "I was just thinking that since you have talked to the police- there should be a punishment."

My eyes widen and tears imediately fill them. What is this chicks problem?

"Hmmm," She says, making a full circle around my hanging, torn, beaten body. She stops directly infront of me. She takes the button of my pants and undoes it. then unzips my zipper.

"What are you doing?" I ask afraid.

"You will see," She says with a slight chuckle.

She slides my pants all the way down my legs and discards them into the trash. She walks over to a metal tool box and digs through it. 

"Hmmm," She says. "This can work!"

She pulls out a sharp, rusty knife from a drawr. 

"No, please stop!" I beg her again. 

"Aw well maybe you should have thought twice about talking to the police," she says. "Oh, and just to let you know, we will have a fun night!" 

She says that last part with a really scarry looking smile. 

She pulls her arm back and swipes the blade acros my front until there are about 20 cuts goin all the way across. 

Then she turns me around and does the same for my back. I try not to scream, because that would give her what she wants. 

She turns me arround, beads of blood forming all over my body as it stings like hell. Then she puts te tip of the blade on my right thigh and looks into my eyes and gives an evil smile.

She pushes down hard with the blade and creats a deep cut. I let out a loud scream and she stops right above my knee.

I can't hold it in any longer so i start crying. The pain is getting too much. 

She chuckles and walks back to the tool box.

Suddenly, i feel hopeless and bare. No one here to help me. No one to take me away. I don't even know when or if they are accually going to find me. 

I am snapped out of my thought by a sharp pain over the front of my body. I scream. 

"Maybe next time *whip* you will think twice *whip* about calling your friends!" She yells between strikes. 

The whipping goes on for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I am dripping with blood and she whipped me all the way down my legs. I probably have close to no blood left in me. 

Olivia walks up to me with a big swird looking thing. I couldnt focus my eyes enough to see what it accually is. 

I cringe and squeese my eyes shut for what i think she is about to do. Well what she does is cut the rope that is holding me above the floor.

I go falling down 5 feet to a dirt covered hard floor. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out. I lay there on my back, in an extreme amount of pain, not being able to move. I just need my Hazza. 


It turns out i did get a good amount of sleep last night. Probably because i havent slept for 2 full nights since Lou has been gone. 

I wake up and the storm has lightened up a good bit. It should give us a greater advantage in getting louis. 

"Harry! Get up!" Liam says quickly. "We got the paperwork done and we are about to leave!"

With those words, i am imediately awake and out if my chair walking over to the boys. It looks like they didnt get any sleep last night. 

"Harry you are driving because you are the only one of us that slept last night," niall says. "We have a police escort so you can go as fast as they can. They put a light in your car that signals to people you are with them."

"Thats fine," i say. "Lets go!"

We all hurry out of the station and into the car we took over here. The streets are still wet but cleared of all the major puddles. 

We are in te middle of the line of police cars and we are going 140 mph. Faster than i have ever gone. We travel at this speed for about 2 minutes when we start slowinndown and pul up to a house in the middle of nowhere.

It was a bright almost neon pink with a Neon pink car parked in the driveway. Even the mailbox is pink! Pink flowers, pink railing, pink everything. EVERYTHING. 

We pull up and park in front of the house on the street. 


I am awaken on the floor by olivia piling ropes and wood on top of me, causing pain to be inflicted all over again. Se was more like beating me then putting the planks of wood over me. 

"Well we will deal with this whole situation later. You better hope they don't find you because if i go to jail, i will get out and kill you instantly."

I shriek at those words. I no longer have the strength or energy to move. She kept her word last night that and she enjoyed herself. It went on literally all night, non stop. 

"Have a good sleep!" She says. 

Next thing i know, she kicked me in the head and everything went black. 


We ring the doorbell and i am hidden behind the three boys. Waiting in anticipation. 

"How may i help you?" Olivia says, answerjng the door. 

"We have a warrent to search your house. There has been an incident and we have evidence for you bein apart of this. May we please come in?" The cheif asks. 

"My pleasure!" She says as we walk in. 

She gives us four an evil smirk. I am trying so hard to hold everything in but i dont think i can last much longer. 

"Mam, may you show us your basement?" An officer asks. 

"Sure! Right over here." She says nervously. 

We all walk down to the basement and the officers look in every corner. I am lookin arround and see something on the floor. I pull out my phone and open the flashlight app to get a better look. 


"Umm, guys?" I say. "Blood!"

I put my hand to the spot on the floor. Tears are springing to my eyes at the thought of this being Louis blood. He was beaten so much that he lost this much blood. It covered a 6 foot area in a circle shape. 

"He is in here," an officer says. 

I look over to Olivia and she gets really nervous. 

I shine my light around the pool of blood and see a small amount of blood drops in one certain direction towards the underneath of a table. 

"LOOK!" I yell pointing to the underneath of the table.

Suddenly olivia has jumped ontop of me and is choking me. 

Lemme just say. Thank god i am mostly healed up or else i wouldnt have been able to hold her off from doing any more damage. 

"GET HER OFF!" I yell.

An officer pulls her iff and puts her in handcuffs and takes her out of the room. 

I run over to the area while everyone els eis still looking elsewhere and i start throwing ropes, wood, and tools out of a pile. I touch something cool to the touch. I quickly remove everything else and see a very very cut up, bloody, pale louis sitting in front of me. 

"Louis," i whisper.

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