One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


23. Back Home


It is probably 30 minutes after take off and Liam and Niall are at the front, Zayn is asleep in the middle as well as Paul, and Harry and I on the couch in the back. 

There is a movie playing for Liam and Niall and Harry and I are just kind of cuddling. 


"Yeah Lou?"

"What are we going to do about us when we get back?"

"Well, I don't think management would aproove so we would probably have to keep it between us five," harry says a little down. 

"Can we tell mum and dad?" I ask.

"Of corse, but dont let them tell anyone," He says. 


We are both laying on our sides, me behind Louis watching the movie when I decide to put my arm over him, but my hand accidentally lands on his croch. 

"Sorry," I say nervously. 

Louis chucles.

"I don't mind," he says teasingly. 

I move my hand more towards his chest. Now all i can think about right now is how much i want him, but I don't think he would want anything like that with me. I feel yself swelling and I get really nervous because Louis might notice. I try to think of other things like my family back at home. It helps. 

I feel Lou start shivering. I reach for the blanket that is behind me and cover us both up. 

"Thanks," He says.

"Harry, Why do you love me?" Louis asks.

I am extremely suprised at his question. 

"Well, when i touch you, i get sparks all over my body. Your kiss is unlike any other. It is sweet and passionate, but rough at the same time. Your smile makes me happy, and your frame is just right. Your personality is amazing. Your eyes are always shining and your voice is so unique. But in  one word, everything."

Louis turns around to face me. 

"That is the nicest thing i have heard in a ling time," Louis says.

"Well i never want you hurt again and i will do everything in my power to keep you from being hurt."

Louis leans in and our lips colide. We kiss with all of our emotions. I can tell he is liking this just as much as i do. My hand travels below Louis belt and he allows it for a few minutes, my pants geting tight. Then suddenly Louis lets his hand travel below my belt and I put my hands under his shirt, but right before i take it off, he pulls away. 

"I think it would be better if this didn't happen on an airplaine with all of them," Louis says. 

I nod my head in agreement, and I wrap my arm around louis, and peck him on the lips before saying goodnight. 


We are awoken by the sound of the airplane landing on the runway. We are finally home. \

I help louis get up once the plane stops. It parks at a gate and the Pilot comes out and opens the door for us. There is a black Escalade wating for us out side of the plane. We all threw our bags in the trunk and climbed in. Most of us slept because it was about 4 in the morning. I couldn't. I don't know why but I couldn't. I just let Lou rest his head on my chest as he slept, but i kept thinking what happened on the plane earlier. Did he want to go a step further than making out? 

I push the thought out of my head.


About an hour later, we arrive at Niall and Liams place. They invited zayn over for the night so he got out there. Paul parked there so he got out and drove home. 

It took another 10 minutes for Louis and I to get back to our flat. We get out and thank the driver. We walk in the house and instead of going in seprate rooms, I grabbed Louis hand and we walked into my room and got into bed. I left my boxers on this time since he was sleeping in the same bed. 

I lift Louis up and pull back the covers, setting him down. I jump over him onto my side. I lay on my side and wrap him in my arms and we both fall asleep quickly. 


I wake up and louis and I are in the same position. But Louis is very, very cold. I start to freak out. 

"Louis?" I say. 

No answer. 

I try shakeing him and he moans.

"Harry what do you want?" He asks.

"Oh sorry," I say. "Go back to bed boo."

Okay, so there was my daily heartatack. I get up and walk into the kitchen. I decide to make a bowl of cerial. 

while i am eating my bowl of cerial, I hear a loud thud and a moan come from the back of the flat. I get up and run to the bedroom to find louis on the floor. 

"Um, Lou?" I say. "are you okay?" I ask picking him up.

"Yeah," he says. "I was trying to get to the chair because i had to pee."

I pick him up and set him in the wheel chair. 

"You good?" I ask. 

He nods his head and rolls himself to the bathroom. I walk back to the kitchen and finish my cerial. Louis rolls into the room. 

"Harry?" He asks. "How am I going to shower?"

I dont think you should right now because it will hurt your cuts, but I will work on that," I say. 

he nods his head. 

"I think the boys want to meet up in town today. Are you up for it?" I ask.

"Sure! I just need to get changed and stuff," Louis says. 

About an hour later, we are in the car and I am driving into town and i call liam and ask to meet at the ice creem shoppe in the middle of town. 

We arrive at the shoppe and i park the car infront. I pull out the wheel chair and set it on the sidewalk. I carry Louis out of the car and set him in the chair. I wheel him into the shoppe and I see Louis smile with excitement. 

"Can I get three scoops?" Louis asks. 

I laugh because he is asking permision. It's cute.

"You can get how ever many you want Boo," I say, kissing the top of his head. "I want this to be your day today, so we will all do what you want to."

"Hi" Began the woman behind the counter. "Welcome to- to- HOLY FUCKING SHIT. OH MY GOD. OH GOD."

"Hi," We say, laughing. 

"Hi, what would you like?" She says shakeing. 

"Lou?" I ask.

"I want three scoops in a waffle cone, one mint chocolate chip, another chocolate, and the third, vanila honeycomb." 

"How about you, Harry?" The girl asks. 

"I will have the same as him," I say giveing a smile. 

Right as I place my order, Liam, Zayn, and Niall walk in and the girl has trouble breathing. 

"Hi lads," Liam says. "Hi dear," He says, holding his arms out. she runs out from the couter and gives each one of us a hug. 

She goes back and finishes the five orders and I pay for the icecream. 

We sit down and talk. We invite Sara, the girl behind the counter, to come sit witrh us. she was most thrilled. 

We talked about Louis and what happened to him, the basic details, and anything she has questions about. We signed the back of her phone and said goodbye. 

I push Louis down the sidewalk and stop in a few stores. Louis bought a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of toms. I bought him a suprise for tonight. 

We walk around for a little bit longer until we come across a candy store. We rush in and are like small children running around the candy store. 

"Go pick out some things. I will get them for ya," I tell Louis. 

He goes off on his own and I pick out a caramel apple, a half pound of fudge, and a bag of white chocolate pretzles. 

I meet louis at check out and he sets a bag of these strange chocolate candies up there along with a 1 pound chocolate bar, and a few chocolate things on a stick. 

I pay for the candy and walk out. we wait on a bench, well i am on the bench, for the others to come out. Niall comes out with a trash bag sized bag of jelly beans, and a bag full of different gummies. 

"Jesus Niall," Louis says. 

Niall just laughs at our expression. We go ahead and walk back to the car. We stop in a few more stores but dont buy anything. We get to the car and say our goodbyes. I help louis get in the car and I put his chair in the back. I hop in the drivers seat and we pull off, back to the flat. 

I have planned something special for Louis and I tonight. 

We get home and Louis goes to the back of the house for a little so it gives me enough time to make what I have planned. I start to put together a lazagna and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. I get out a white tablecloth and set it over the wood table. I get two candles and light them, putting them across from each other. I get the glass plates and silverwear out and set it acordingly. 

A few minutes later, I pull the food out of the oven and serve us both a slice. I pour us a glass of water and sit at the table.

"Louis! Can you come in here?" I call.

"Comming Haz!"

He rolls into the kitchen and ghasps at the sight. 

"Haz, why did you do all of this?" He asks.

"I thought I should do something special!" i say. 

He wheels himself to the table and we begin eating. 

We talk about today and i ask if he wanted to watch tv when we finished up. 

"I will get the dishes later," i say. 

I pick him up from his chair and carry him to the couch. I turn the tv on to what ever was on and I decide to pull out the suprise. 

I pull out a small navy blue box from under the couch coushin and hand it to Lou. 

"Haz, what is this?" He asks.

"Open it!" I say excitedly. 

Louis opens the box to find a silver watch with his name emgrated into the side and underneath it says, 'Love Harry.'

"Oh my god, Harry! Its wonderful! I Love it!" he says. "But how much did you spend on it?"

"Oh don't worry about that," i say, knowing he wont drop it until i answer.

"Harry," He says.

"Couple thousand," I say. "But don't worry about the price. Please," i say. 

"Alright," he says. 

Louis leans in for a kiss and I lean in as well. We pull away and We watch the tv until we fal asleep. 


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