Lilly is your typical girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, not super thin, but not fat, also, she is in love with One Direction. So, when her dad pulls off the best 18th birthday ever, her perfect world is flipped upside down. Will she fall in love? And will she get hurt again? And who will be there to catch her when she falls?


5. Up Front

Lilly's POV:

In my head, I am screaming my head off, but I knew that would only make things worse and I wanted them to like me. So I just said: "Wow, you guys are amazing. I honestly can't wait." I smiled at each one, eyes lingering longer at Harry. His eyes were so vibrant, the most stunning emerald green. I look down, blushing. Again, I felt his hands on my chin, lifting my head up allowing our eyes to meet once again. "Don't..." he whispered, his voice sending shivers down my spine. "What?" I replied. "...forget that you're beautiful." he said as he held up his other hand, in which was another present.

I took it, opening it slowly and carefully, trying not to look too excited. Inside I found a new cell phone. I turned it on and instantly it buzzed, indicating I had 5 new texts. Each was a different unknown number. I opened them and they read:

TO: Lilly

FROM: Hazzabear <3

Happy Birthday! You are beautiful! Let's hang out together. Soon. ; )


TO: Lilly

FROM: Louis the Carrot King

Happy Birthday! Stay stunning! Let's hang, just us! Yea? <3


TO: Lilly

FROM: DJ Malik

Finally 18! Nice! Can't wait to hang.


TO: Lilly

FROM: Niall <3

Happy B-day! Hang soon!


TO: Lilly

FROM: Liam Big Daddy

Happy 18th! We should get together and have some fun! Laser quest? Get ready to lose!


My smile only widened! Not only did I have my own, new apartment, a new phone, and front row tickets to 1D's concert (w/ backstage passes), and now I had all of their numbers?! I decided to make an attempt to be funny and txt them back right then, as they were staring at me.


TO: Hazzabear, Louis the Carrot King, DJ Malik, Niall, and Liam Big Daddy

FROM: Lilly

Thnx so much! My dreams have come true above and beyond. I want to hang with all of you, if you want me to? Can't wait! Love y'alls!


And with that I pressed send.


*Author's Note*

Ik it was short, but it is just a filler. and sorry for being so slow! will try to be better, just been busy. Love y'alls!

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