Don't Leave (Death Note Fanfic)

Hailey may only be thirteen, but she's willing to leave Wammy's House to help Matt search for Mello. The problem is, Hailey is scared of lots of things which make the whole ordeal much more complex and she feels like a burden. But as time goes on, will they have to break their one rule? That rule is: don't leave.


3. Fear

A year later, the two of us had scraped together enough money to get an apartment. Matt had got himself a few part-time jobs as well as the diner, while I had managed to get a part time job as a hairdresser’s assistant nearby.

The apartment was only small; with three rooms including the bathroom, but it was all we really needed. Of course, we kept our jobs so that we had money for food and clothes and anything else we needed. It was slow going, but we made it work.

Matt did some hacking to find out information on Mello, and while we waited for something we could use to track him down, he tried to help me confront my fears.

“If you don’t hurt him, he won’t hurt you.” He said as he watched my panic stricken face.

A single honey bee was crawling up my arm and I was shaking like crazy. This was torture for any apiphobic.

When this didn’t work, he tried the same technique but with different things. He turned off all the lights in the apartment; dressed up as a clown; kept taking me to crowded places; gave me a doll for my birthday and kept a pigeon in a birdcage in the living room/kitchen.

All it helped me do was get used to it; I was still scared of all of them.

That’s when we found out where Mello was, and things didn’t look good for him…

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