Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


9. Untitled

I hope that I was worth your while

Because you took all my time

But I don’t mind  


I hope that you saw my intent

Because all the times we spent

Were my most unforgettable moments  


I hope I had made you smile

Even just for a while

Because God knows I tried  


But it’s time to give my self some space

Forget about your lovely face

But I don’t think it’s such a waste  


I just thought you should know

That I should let you go

And walk alone solo  


I have to forget your eyes and hair

Those simple glances and secret stares

Because it would not be fair  


It would not be fair that I miss you but you don’t

You have me but I’m on my own

So I thought I needed some time alone  


I was thinking if sending you this letter

Would make me feel better

Or if I would fall on my face flatter  


But I thought I’d just keep it a secret

I know without you I could still make it

But I just don’t know how to take it  


I know I couldn’t just hide

This thing I feel inside

Because a big part of me died  


But don’t worry, I’ll be fine

As long as we both don’t cross the line

And if you could, just give me some time  


I know I’m nobody to ask you a favor

But if you don’t, it’ll make my load heavier

It’s okay, I know you can’t take this any further  


don’t know if you would believe me

But you can’t always have me

It’s not really that easy  


I know these things will come back to haunt me,

To scare me, to fool me, and to taunt me

And it kinda hurts to know that I love you but you don’t love me.


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