Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


7. There Goes My Happy Ever After

T h e r e  G o e s  M y  H a p p y E v e r  A f t e r  

If Happy Endings were real,

I’d still wish for time to stand still

Cause even if they were true

There would still be none for me and you  


If only fairy godmothers exist

I would only have one wish

That is for you to hear me out

Even if I would have to scream and shout  


‘Cuz even if you took all my time

I wouldn’t really mind

And even if you ignore me all day

I would still be there for you anyway  


If I was given an ability 

I would want to make you happy

‘Cuz seeing you wear a smile

Makes my heart stop beating for a while  


If only I had the strength

I would have told you this but I can’t

‘Cuz I know for you it doesn’t matter

And there goes my happy ever after. 


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