Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


15. The Two Sides of a One-Sided Love

   While you’re busy trying to mend your broken heart,someone out there is reaching out, wanting to comfort you, helping you pick up the pieces, waiting for you to notice them.

     While you’re busy making him notice you, someone out here wants to talk to you, wishing it was them you love instead.

     While you’re wasting your morning on make-up and such, someone out there thinks you’re the most beautiful girl they have ever seen.

     While you’re out there wishing for a little bit of his heart, someone else is willing to give you their all and much much more.

     If you’d only open your eyes and look around maybe you’ll find out who. Maybe you’ll find out that they’ve been there all along waiting for you to look at them so they could wave and say:

Hi. I exist.

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