Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


2. Mary's Song

*Inspired and Based on Taylor Swift's song Mary's Song*


He was her childhood friend, they were with each other from the day their parents became friends which was long time ago.


  She was 7 and he was 9, they were playing together inside her father’s garage. They would tease each other and then get on each other’s nerves and they would end up in a fight. Their daddies used to joke about the two of them, growing up and falling in love and their mama’s smile and roll their eyes.


  She was 16 he was 18, suddenly she wasn’t just the little girl with twin pigtails anymore, and she was the lady she loved. They’d sneak out at night and drive around the neighborhood together. Their daddies used to joke about the two of them; they never believed they’d really fall in love. Their mama’s smile and roll their eyes.


  The day they had their first fight, she ran away from him crying and he stayed outside of her window until she finally talked to him.


  A few years pass and they were still together. She was 21 and he was 23. They were in the port watching the city light’s reflection on the lake’s water. Then he looked at her and got down on one knee.


  She was 22 and he was 24. He adored him lovingly as she walked down the isle, wearing white and holding on to her father’s arm. They held each other’s hands as together they said I do.


  Everything was not the same anymore, they changed but for the better. They were at home where they first met years before, rocking their babies in the front porch.


  She was 87 he was 89, they still look at each other like the stars have shine in the sky, like pretty lights.


“After all this time, it’s still you and I.” she said.



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