Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


11. I am Me and I am Proud!

Sometimes, people will get in your way
make you believe in everything they say

make you remember your bitter days

but all you have to do is push them away  


Sometimes everyday could just be frustrating

sometimes you'll go wrong with the decisions your making

sometimes you don't know which step your taking

And it's harder to do when your heart is breaking  


There are times when you're not okay

it's fine, it all happens to us anyway

Sometimes the pain won't go away

But your strength will always be there to stay  


Rumors are there to break you down

Problems will eventually come around

But when you fall to the ground

Stand up and just be Proud  


No one can stop you from rising again

They might try to confuse you now and then

But if you just believe that you can

Then no doubt, you'll always win  


It's all about you now

Let the haters hate you now

Scream your name shout it out loud

I am me and I am Proud!!

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