Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


8. Bitterness

*Wrote these all eons ago :)*


Why can’t you care about how I feel?

Why can’t you tell that it’s real?

Why won’t you believe me?

Why can’t you trust me?  


Why don’t you try me?

Read right through me.

Maybe then you’ll see

How I feel about you honestly.  


I just don’t get why,

When you’re with me you don’t smile,

Are you really that numb to see?

How important you are to me.  


Am I just your useless doll?

Waiting for you to fall,

Why have you been so cold?

Yet you’re gripping me in a tight hold.  


I don’t understand why?

No matter how hard I try

You keep on ignoring me all day,

Not listening to what I have to say.  


It’s not fair, you know?

How you are so shallow,

So from now on I ought to

Forget about you.

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