Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


14. Be That Someone

(To the tune of Love Me For Me)


(You're not gonna plagiarize right?hehe)



I'm still, waiting for someone to break these walls

I built to protect myself from the fall

I've been hurt ten times

More than I can take

They keep stepping on my shattered heart

I want, someone who can love me for what I got

Not someone who will turn me to what I'm not

I don't need someone to break me

Or try to tear my world apart



I've been trying to fight

Worries everyday

I am tired of wiping

My tears away

Hope someone will come one day

To help me fight these fears away



Reach out for me

I'm still hung up in the past

Help me believe again

That love can forever last

Why can't it stay the way it is?

Why did it have to end like this?

Didn't think that there'll be more to it

I just want someone to love me

Can you be that someone for me?



All alone, In this cage I put my self in

I, feel so scared to let anybody in

And I, keep trying to break the silence

Seems like nobody could give me time

Holding on but my grip is slowly slipping out

Calling on but the silence seems to be too loud

Cant anybody hear me?

They keep ignoring me everytime


(rep 2 & 3)



Looking for somebody who can help me break these walls

Somebody to catch me if I ever fall

Shut up, shut up, I am tired of all the lies

Listen, Listen, Listen to my silent cries

Tired of all the darkness that I'm used to everyday

All of my efforts seems to be going to waste

I'm trying all

That I can do

To be ready to let you in

Ready to let you in...


(rep 3)

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