The day that everything came to an end

Meredith Lauren is a fifteenth year's old girl who lives with her two sisters: Anabelle and Becky, and her parents. She is just a normal girl, like all the other of her own age. During the next two years, her life changes and she needs to learn how to deal with that, and how to love herself at first before loving someone else.


1. The difference from today and two years ago

It has been a long time since she hadn't cryed till she fall on her own sleep. Meredith woke up this morning with huge dark circles around her eyes, she knew that this time was different, she knew he wasn't going to come back, and that was terrifying her, she had learnt how to live with the presence of him in her routine, his smile and his eyes were her mirror. Now it's broken, and she needed to get through it.  

While looking to the ceiling Meredith's eyes started to close again, and somehow her mind went to another deep sleep. Sleeping was the only thing she wanted to do in that moment. Was one way to spend time without thinking, dreaming was a good way to forget everything and to be in a different world.


'MEREDITH WAKE UP!!!' Becky, Meredith's younger sister was calling for her. 'I need to sleep, leave me alone', ' If you don't stand up and get dressed we'll leave without you, it's beach time'. After some minutes annoying her, Meredith stands up and hurry ups. She didn't want to upset her parents so, after five minutes she was in the car, with her hair a little bit messed up, but fine.

Meredith is fifteen years old and she's the second of three girls: Anabelle, the older one, with 20 and Becky with thirteen. With her parents, Pauline and August, they were a traditional family. Meredith was a great student, like her sisters, and they all were connected to sports, by cycling. Meredith was national champ on her discipline, and the three sisters had already won lots of titles since they were cyclists.

Meredith's boyfriend, Peter was a cyclist two, and they were together for a year. He lived closed to her, but some weeks after they met he moved to the north of the country, and their relationship was different from all of her friends. Sometimes was hard to deal with that, but Meredith liked him, and so did he, was her first "long last" relationship and she wasn't going to ruin it.


The summer was almost finishing, but the time that the family spent on holidays was really short. The cycling season wasn't done yet, so the girls needed to train everyday, to accomplished their own goals. After a morning at the beach, and a two hours train session, Meredith decided to call Peter. Was almost dinner time, but when she wasn't busy with anything, Meredith was always talking with him. 

They talked for almost an hour, they were used to do that, they needed to be smart with the time that they had. Sometimes they had their discussions, about the distance, and how hard it was not to be together. Peter was stupid with some arguments, and really hurt Meredith. She knew he loved her, but she had suffering a lot, he was her first real boyfriend, but they should be together, it shouldn't be a relationship of distance. For Meredith was getting really hard to deal with something like that and after some weeks she started to wonder how it would be if she had someone who was always there for her. She knew how to live without seeing Peter. Was the night calls still enough?





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