Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


6. What the f*ck?

RESPECT (Justin's pov)


I walked in the room and my phone buzzed in my jean pocket. I pulled it out and slide my finger over the screan.

One new masage: unknow

It read. I opend it.

Be cerfull or something bad will happen. And if i would you i would stay away from Tiffany.

What the fuck?


Justin's pov


 I exit the text and diald her number. It ranged five times befor she picke it up ''Yeah?''

''Hey, Tif. We need to tal- no, i need to show you something'' i said in such rush, she probobly ddin't get it all.


''I don't know how to tell you.'' i pused ''So you come over here or i come to your place?''

''I'll come'' she sighed ''Be there in 15''

''Okey. bye'' and with that line went dead. I sat on my bed and put my head in my hands.

~ ~ ~

Who the is he/she? What will happen? Why i need to stay away feom her?  And that person - how did it get my number?

''Hey'' someone said and sat next to me. I lifted my head and looked at thos see blue eyes.

''Hi'' i smiled and sat up straight.

''So what did you want show me?''

I sighed and took my phone again ''This'' i said and showed her the phone.

She the phone and read out loud ''Be cerfull or something will happen. And if i was you i wouls stay away from Tiffany.'' she looked at me and sighed ''No''

''What no?'' i asked confused

''No, you wont do like that text says''

''But-'' she cut me off

''I don't care Justin.'' she pused ''Look we're in this togetter, no matter what. Got it?''

I nodded ''Yeah... But still, who do you think it is?''

''I don't know'' she looked down and than back up ''But who ever it is, we'll find out. Im not going to back down with out a fight''



• few day's late •



Tiffany's pov


It have been like four day's from the that text Justin got. And from that say me, him, Ry and Chaz have been hanging out more.

Of curse Ry and Chaz don't about I and Justin's situation. And im not planin got tell Ry about it. Or else he'll burst out in flames. On me because I didn't tell him and on Justin because he didn't tell him either plus listening to what i said.

''So what we do now?'' Chaz asked, looking at all of us. Right now we're at my and Ry's house. We played video games, but after few times of me winning they didn't want to play.

''I think i'll Nicki'' i said standing up ''I still need help with my outfit for tomorrow.''

Ry nodded and i walked away. I walked up to my room and walked in. I took my phone from the bed and diald Nicki's number. It ranged three times befour she picked up ''Hello?''

''Hey girl'' i cheard ''Wanna come onver and help with my outfit for-'' she cut me off

''Be right there'' and she hunged up. I shrugged and toused it back on the bad. I turned around and that's when i saw, what i didn't want to see.

''Justin'' called out from the top of the stair case ''Can you please come up. I need to talk to you''

Few moments later he showed at the bottom of the stairs. He came up and i took him his arm and pulled him my room.

''Look'' i said and pointed to the wall opposite the bed. He turned around and looked at the wall. ''Justin im scared now'' i wisperd

''Come here'' he said and opend his arms for hug. With out thinking i walked in and he hugged me ''Don't be scared. Im here''

 ''Thanks'' i sniffed

''Hey, hey don't cry'' he kissed the top of my head and than pulled away from the hug. How craxy this now sounds, i missed him hugging me. ''I should probably go back''

''Yeah.'' i nodded ''Nicki will be here soon'' after i said that something clicked in my head. I can't anyone in here ''Shit'' i mumbeld

''What wrong?''

''I can't let anyone see this'' i pointed to the wall ''And Nicki is coming over to help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow''


''Haven't you heard? Im going on a date witn Brad'' i looked up at him. I swar i saw jealousy in his eyes

''So this 'dating' thing we're pulling won't work?''

I looked down and than it hit me ''Shit'' i looked back at him ''I know what i'll do about tomorrow''

''And that would be?''

''I'll cancel with Brad, we'll go out on 'date' ans that way Nicki wont know a thing'' i looked at the wall ''But i need t figur a way to keep away from this''

''Go shopping or whatever you girl do at mall'' he smiled

I looked back at him and nodded ''Thanks Justin''

He smiled and hugged me one last time and than walked out, leaving me alone.

I sighed and turned to the wall ''No matter what. Im not backing down'' i wisperd to my self and got ready.

I wear pink jeans and black tee. I did my make-up natrualy and put my hair on one side. I put on my black high tops and ran down stairs. Making sure i locked the door to my room.

''Bye Ry. Im going to the Mall with Nicki'' i called out as i pased the livingroom

''Okey. But be carfull''

I rolled my eyes ''Sure'' and i walked out. While i walked to Nicki's house i pulled out my phone and diald Brad's number. ''hey. Brad?''

''Yeah. That's me.'' he pused ''Who's this?''

''Um me Tiffany'' i said un-sure ''Lo- Listen i need to tell you something''


''I can't make it tomorrow''

''Okey. We'll have it another day''

''No, Brad, you didn't understand. I can't go on date with you''


I took a deep breath and than let it out ''I can't tell you. It's personal. I hope no hard feelings''

''Yeah, sure'' and he hunged up. Well that didn't go as i planed. But oh well.

I kept walking down the street to Nicki's house, when everything went black....


Justin's pov


''Bye Ry. Im going to the Mall with Nicki'' she called out as she pased the livingroom

''Okey. But be carfull''

''Sure'' and she walked out.

''So what did she tell ya?'' Chaz asked and they broth turned to look at me.

''Sorry can't you guys. She said to keep it a secret''

''Fine. Don't tell us'' Chaz scoffed and Ryan laughted.

It fell in silenc but soon my phone broke it. I pulled out of my pocket and pressed it answer not looking at the caller ID. ''Hello?'' i asked

There was slinec on other ened of the line. Only thing you could here was havie bretahing. ''Um Hello?'' i asked again.

Still no answer and soon the dialing tone was heard. I put the phone back in the pocket and that's when i noticed guys giving me wierd looks.

I quicly stood up ''I have to go'' and with that i ran out of the house. I ran to Nicki's house, i luck to find Tiffany there. But as soon as i made my way few houses down something hit my head and last thing i remember was poeple talking.

And than i blacked out.....

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