Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


7. Welcome to... Pain-Will

Tiffany's pov


''Ow my head hurts'' i grouned. I tryed to open my eyes, but that was kinda inposible do to the brigh light shining on me.

''Good your up'' Deep voice said. All i could i see was dark figur standing in the bright light. ''No we can have some fun'' He said and came closer to me.

''W-where am i?'' i managed to say.

''You are where you are.'' he smirked ''No look there'' He said and pointed to right. I slowly turned my head in that direction.

''J-Justin?'' i chocked out. Tears starting to form in my eyes. ''W-wh- W-who a-are you?''

''That you'll find out soon'' he smirked and walked out. Leaving me and Justin alone.

If i would say im not scared, i would be lieing. Because im scared as fuck. I don't know where i am, who was that guy. All i know was something hit me and than everything went black.

I looked over to the door and than at Justin. ''Justin. J-Justin'' i called out as much as i could. My voice sounds like wisper.

''Umm'' he moved. He lifted his head and kinda looked at me

I breathed ''Justin, your okey'' i managed to put on small smiled

''Tiffany?'' he wiepserd.

''Yes, that's me.'' i smiled a week smile

''Where are we?'' he coughted.

''I don't know'' i cryed out. The tears dripping down on my jeans.

''Hey, hey. Don't cry.''

''Justin this is all my fault. If i haven't draged you with me, you wouldn't be here'' i cryed ''Im sorry''

''No matter what i wouldn't let you go alone in this''

''But Justin-'' he cut me off

''No but's. You're my best friend. And now don't cry'' he spoke from his spot on the floor. He looked around. ''Well...'' he sighed

''There's a window with bars'' i pointed out. ''And than there's door''

''Tif, i know'' he chouckled ''But first we need a plane''

''It's all my fault'' i wiesperd to my self ''My fault''


1 hour and 32 minutes later


''So you two having fun here?'' that deep said and made his way to me.

I looked up at him. His eyes cold as ice, dark as night. ''Who are you?'' i wiesperd, mostly to me, but he hurd it anyways.

He chouckled ''Me'' he pointed to him self while laughting ''you know me''

''N-no'' i cocked out. Feeling the tears at back of my eyes i blinked few times.

''Okey, than how about this?'' he asked walked over to Justin ''Do you remember 'Be cerfull or something bad will happen. And if i would you i would stay away from Tiffany'?''

I nodded, not sure what else to say. Because right now im week as shit and the same goes for Justin. ''Than im that person'' He smirked.

''But why are you doing this?'' i spoke, my voice to louder than wisper ''What did we do?''

He walked back over to me ''You always be my. Nobody's else. But mine'' he spoke deadly ''And your friend here crosed the line.'' he looked at Justin and than at me ''That's why you're here''

''How can i be your' if i don't who you are?''

He laughted ''Your funny Tiffany. I could say nothing have changed'' he droped to my level and made me look him in the eyes. I winced at his cold hands tuching my skin ''You know me''

I looked him in the eye and than it felt like the world came crushing down. My heart started to race. ''Chace?'' i asked.

On inside praying that's not him. 

''Yes Tiffany that's me'' he looked me in the eye and i did the same ''You though you won't see me again? You thought that leaving New York will be great and that i won't find you?''

I stated quiet. I don't know what to say. All he said is true. I left New York in hopes to get away from him, form the pain and problem he coused.

You see Chace is my boy- EX boyfriend. We dated in New York, but he did something. Nobody really knows that i dated him, not even my parents or Ryan. And when i found out whta he did i hade on though - To leave and never look back.

So when i moved back here i hoped i'll never see him again or he'll come looking for me. But now i know why you can't get your hopes up.

''Tiffany i said it already you were and always will be mine'' he said and kissed my cheek ''Now i need to take care of few things. You stay here, it's not like you can go somewhere'' he laughted and walked out.

''You know him?'' Justin spoke up. I never knew that i'll need to tell someone about him. But guess i was wrong about that too.

''He-he is my ex boyfriend. If he haven't done what he did i wouldn't have came back here'' i said and one tear droped on my jeans.

''What did he do?'' he asked and in all time we've been here he looked up.

''Justin please, i don't want to talk about it.'' i sniffed ''It's just too much for me.''

The door swanged open again and Chace walked in ''So how are things?'' he smriked.

He walked over to Justin and put something to his trouth and than Justin winpers. ''Oh how week are we'' Chace laughted and that's when i looked at them. He was holding a knif.

''Chace'' i chocked out ''What are you doing?''

''Just making sure he wont ever be between us'' he said and pushed the blade harder at his skin.

''D-don't do it'' i cryed out.

''Hey babe don't cry.'' Chace wisperd and came over to me ''When im done with him we'll live happaly ever after''

''No-no'' i wisperd ''If-if you want to live happaly ever after let him go and i'll be your girlfriend. Just don't hurt him''

''But you know Tif i can't just let him go. You wont tell, but he might'' he looked at Justin with so much hate in his eyes.

''I-I promise that he wont tell a soul'' i looked up at him and met his grey, now black eyes. After all this  time he haven't changed. And now he's even bigged monster.

''No can do.'' he walked over to door ''I hope you have great sleep'' And with thos words he left and i broke down in tears.

I should never leave New York. Why was i so stuped to think that leaving would save me? Why couldn't i just stay there? 

I quietly cryed to my self and Justin, which i draged in this mess, sat in the corner and was all brused up.

My fault.

All my fault.

I bruoth this.

This is all my fault.

''Justin im sorry'' i cryed out. Im not sure if he can ven hear me ''I should never got so close to you. I should never draged you in this mess. Im so sorry. This is all my fault.''

''Ttiffany don't cry'' he wisperd back. And thos were the last words i heard befor i saw black spots and everything went black again.

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