Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


10. The truth is... all lie

Justin's pov


I guess i've cryed my self to sleep yesterday because i woke up to my alarm lasting in my room. I sit up and shut it off. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my phones


five miss calls and six miss texts


I sighed and put the phone back on the bed. 

Today's Saturday and i have missed one day of school. I need to get notes. Now... i could call Ryan, but i really don't want to see Tiffany. Well at this moment that is. So i'll call Chaz. But later.

I stood up from the bed and walked in the bathroom. I pulled down all my cloths and got in the shower.

I washed my body and hair. And when i was done i got out and wreped the towel around my lower part. I walked infront of the  mirror and blowed dried my hair.

When that was done i walked back in the room. I dressed in black jeans and red t-shirt. I styled my hair and walked downstairs.  I walked in the kitchen and found a note on the fridge.


Honny, im sorry. Boss called me. Be home at eight.

Love you, Mom


It read. I sighed again and opend the fridge. I took out the milk. I closed it and got cearl and a bowl.

I was about to eat when the door bell ranged. I took a quick look at the clock we had in the kitchen.


''Who would be so early in the morning?'' i asked my self and walked out of the kitchen. The door bell ranged again ''Caming. Coming'' i called out.

I made it to the door and took a deep breath. I don't know. I opend my eyes and opend the door to see... Tiffany?

She was looking down. When i cleared my throat she looked up. ''Hey... I didn't thougth you would come to my house. And at this hour'' i said

She sighed and looked down ''I kinda need to talk to you'' she spoke sofly. As if she would speak louder i would break.

I watched her with puzzled look ''About what?'' i asked.

''Can i come in?'' she asked and looked at me ''I really don't want to talk about it out here''

''Yeah. Come in'' i stood aside and she walked in.  I closed the door behind her and than turned to look at her.

''Um i'll start with this'' she looked up at me ''Im really sorry about what happen. You can be mad at me i totally understand.'' she spoke and than looked down again ''Now the second thing - Im um sorry but you'll need to find another girl too hang out for the project''

''What? Why?'' i asked, shocked

''Um yeah the third thing. Me and Chace are back togeter.'' she looked everywhere else but me ''That's why''

''But.. but what you said about him?''

''It turns out he loved me too much to let me go'' she looked at me. Hurt and sorry in her eyes. ''All he wanted was me back''

''But your not happy with him are you?'' i asked and tilled my head to side

She shoock her head ''I never was''

''Than why go back?''

''I never wanted.'' she spoke ''I.. I just didn't want him to hurt anyone off you guys'' 

I took a step closer to her, but she ddin't move ''Tiffany..'' i traild off and took another step cloer to her. Stil she ddin't move ''...I would take a bullet for you, if i needed to''

Her head shoot up and she looked shocked by my answer. ''But.. but-'' i cut her off her of by smashing my lips on her's.

For my suprise she didn't pull away, insted she kissed back. I slide my hands around her waist and she slide her hands around my neck.

We stood by the door sometime when i pucked her up and she wrepped her legs around my waist. If i would i say im not injoying this, than i would be lieing. 

I have waited for this happen a long time now. I carryed her up to my room and when we reached my room i lyed her down and got on top of her. Not breaking the kiss once.

''Justin'' she mouned in my mouth.

''Hmm'' i mouned back and  at that time we pulled away. I looked her in the eye and i could see love and loust.

''Im ready'' she spoke

''What?'' i quistend

''Justin i know you want to make love to me.'' she pused ''Im ready''

''But Chace?''

''He wont know. He thinks im at Nicki's. And i told her to tell him that too'' I looked at her one more time and than leaned down to kiss her again.


Tiffany's pov


We kissed in Justin bed. Rigth now i didn't care about other things. I was like in another world.

He traiced his hands down to hem of my shirt. They stayed there sometime and than he lifed it up and pulled it over my head. Breaking the kiss only for few seconds.

I did the same with his shirt and trowed it somewhere on the floor. He slowly kissed down to my neck and soon found my soft spot.

He sucked on it which made me moun. ''Oh God'' i mouned out as Justin licked and sucked on my neck.

He stoped sucking on my neck and kissed down till he reached my breast. He's hands went behind my back and he uncliped my bra. He slide it down and kissed my breast.

He stayed there sometime, sucking, playing and kissing.

I found his hair and pulled on the ends.

He stoped it and looked at me. I could see love and loust in his eyes. He wanted it as bad as i did. His handes went down till they reached my jeans. He quicly un-did them and pulled off.

Now i was only left in my panties. Which weren't on long. He pulled off my jeans and than panties. I did the same with Justin jeans and boxers.

We were both naked. He looked me up and down ''You're really beatiful'' he wisperd and kissed down on my neck.


He spread my legs opend and kissed on my inner thigh. He kissed till he reached my clit. He burrind his head in and licked it up and down. Sending shivers up my spine. ''Oh Justin'' i mouned out.

He licked and sucked on my clit. I could feel my self cumming soon ''Justin i will cuummm'' i mouned out

''Not yet baby'' he wisperd againts my clit. He got on top of me and kissed me. I could feel his tip againts my entrance.  He kissed me and pushed him self in.

First few thrust he went slow, but than he picked up the spead ''JUSSSSTIINNN'' i mouned and jerked my hips up.

''OHH YESSS'' he mouned as he thrusted in me, hittin' my G-spot

''YESSS JUSSSTINNN FAAASTERRRR'' i mounded and dug my nails in his back.

After some more thrust i reached my climax and came short after Justin did too. He collapsed on top off me. He rolled on the side and pulled the covers over naked body's.

''That was amazing'' i smiled and kissed Justin.

''Yeah'' he smild. I coddled in Justin's cheast and listend to his heart beat. But this beautiful moment neened to be disturbed by my phone ringing. 

I sat up and leaned over the bed to get my phone. I pulled it out and looked at the caller ID ''Shit'' i mumbeld

Justin sat up and looked at me 'What's wrong babe?''

''Chace is calling'' i answerd ''Okey now be quiet'' i said and he nodded. I pressed answer and put it to my ear ''Hey''

''Hey babe where are you?'' he asked sounding worried

I rolled my eyes ''Im still at Nicki's.'' i pused and looked at Justin ''I need to cetch up on some girl stuff, newest gosip and school it self''

''Oh okey'' he sighed ''Well give me call when you're done''

''Okey. Love you. Bye''

''Bye'' he said and i hunged up. I turned back to look at Justin and kissed him.

He kissed back and after sometime we pulled away. ''So what are we now?'' he asked looking me in the eyes

''What you mean?'' i forowed my eyebrows

''We had sex and we kissed more than once'' he pointed out ''So what are we? Friends with benefeets or something?''

''I don't we live as friends with benefeets'' 

''Okey'' he smiply answerd

''And the fact  that i cheated on my boyfriend'' i staited

''Im sorry'' Justin apologizes

''For what?'' i looked at him ''It was amazing. I wouldn't want it anyother way'' i laughted and soon Justin did too

I got up from the bed ''Okey i need to get going'' i smiled and picked up my cloths. I quicly got dressed and kissed Justin ''I'll text you later''

''Okey'' he kissed me back. ''Don't miss me too much''

''I try'' i smiled and gave him one lat kiss. And with that i walked out of his room. And out of the house, walking to my own house.

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