Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


16. Oh No

No one's pov


The two girls sat in the livingroom watching tv, laughting, taking. You know doing normal girl stuff. Lil' did they know that one is in danger and the other one can't do anything about it.


''Okey. okey'' Selena laughted ''How about this?'' she showed a picture of her, for her concer

''Um i like...'' Tiffany pused and looked at the all pitctures -which lied on the ground- and than looked up at Selena and back down. ''...this one'' she pointed her finger to puffy white, creamy dress with diamons on the top (on the side how the dress looked)

''Omg that's perfect'' Selena squild and once agian they laughted.


At the same time in The Buena Park Hotel


''So we're clear about the plan?'' Chace asked and leaned back in his seat

Mike just nodded, not really sure why his buddy is doing this. But knowing how Chace can get he didn't question him

''Great'' Chace smirked and stood up ''Im heading out'' he told and closed the hotel room door after him.


He walked down the hall and waited till the silver elevator door will open. When they finally opend he steped in and presed the lobby botton. 


He waited few seonds befor he hurd ding and the door to the lift opend. He walked out and passed the front desk. He walked out of the hotel and got in his -for now- car.

Only one thing was on his mind. Even how badly he didn't want to do it, he knew he needs to do it.


Somewhere on the streets of LA


''Sel im kinda nervous'' Tiffany said looking from the pasengers seat at Selena

She gave her warm smile ''They'll love you.'' Tiffany nodded and sigh ''Okey don't worry about it now''

''Okey'' Tiffany nodded and turned on the radio

''And Selena Gomez with her song Love You Like Love Song'' the guy working at the radio station spoked on the radio

As the song came on both girls started to sing along. 


And in that time Tiffany forgot why was she worried and Selena realized that she haven't had so much with any of her friends. 


But at that time back in Straford


''Dude stop worrying'' Ryan said as he tried to calm his bedtfriend and his lil' sister brother

Justin stoped in the middle of the livingroom and looked at Ryan ''How can i?'' he asked. Worried clear in his voice ''She haven't called? What if something bad happen?''


Justin was right. Something will happen.... but no one knows what.


''Okey how about this.?'' Ryan said and stood up ''I'll go call her'' Justin nodded and finally in the last hour and half he sat down.


In the car


The girls were still singing to the songs on the radio, this time to to diffrent song. Tiffany's phone ranged interfering there litle 'concer'.

She grouned and answerd the phone, not loooking at the called ID ''Hello?''

''Hey sis'' she was greated by her brother happy voice ''You okey?''

''Hey'' she replyed, even more happy ''Im amazing. How you, dad, mom, Justin?''

''We're fine. Justin was a bit eger, but now is okey'' he pused ''You wanna talk with him?'' he asked agian

Tiffany nodded her head when she remember that he can't see her ''Yeah'' she quicly answerd and hured shiffing in the background.

''Hey'' she heard the one voice she would recognize anywhere ''How are you babe?''

''Im good. You?'' she aked with concer

Theres was a puse befor he spoke again ''Yeah im great.'' You could hear the sadness in his voice.


Befor she or he could say anything else someone crashed into the side of Selena's car. The side where Tiffany was sitting damaged the most because that's where the other car hit it. But still both girls were unconscious.

After that the only thing you could here was screaming down the line and the a bit broken radio playing


Minutes ago in another car


Chace drove down the street. Still the though in his head. How much he wanted it didn't leave his head.

His mind was 'swimming' with a lot of diffrent thought and than he hit something, making him snap out of his thoughts.

He looked though the windshield and the only thing he was was black Range Rover with two girls inside. He took closer look and his eyes winden.


With out second thought he took off. He left the 'crime' scean. He steped on the gas pedal making the cat go faster.


The further he got the more he felt guilty for some reason, but why did he feel like that? That question will remain un answerd


The 'crime' scean


By this time the car's were stoped and people were watching till everyone heard the sirens of the ambulance. Everyone got out of there way.

The car stoped right next to the smashed up Range Rover. The paramedics quicly rushed over to the car and got the both girls out of the car.


Both heads bleading and bruises all over there bodys. As they got them in the back of the car they -not waisting time- rushed to the hospital.


When they parked at the entrance they rushed them both in and to the one of the withe hospital rooms.


Later that day -around 8pm- room 265


Tiffany's eyes opend slightly, just to be closed again. When finally she opend her eyes she took a look around.


The only noise was the monitors hooked to both girls. 


She skaned the room when her eyes landed to the girl in the bed next to her. Taking better look at the girl her eyes winden.

''Selena'' she wisperd


Few minutes later middle age women came in the room and when she saw Tiffany's eyes were open she smiled ''Hello Miss Butler'' she spoked

Tiffany's gaze when from the ceiling to the doctor standing next to her ''Hello'' she let out a shaky breath ''What am i doing here? And why is my friend here too?''

''Someone hit your car and you girls both were in coma'' The doctor explained ''But don't worry in week or so you both can go home''

Tiffany nodded. ''But i have some bad news too'' the doctor spoked again


Meanwhile in Startford


''Police was reported that today in Los Angeles, California a back Range Rover was hit by another car'' the lady on the news spoked and picture of Selena's smashed up car was showned ''How ever the guilty one ran away''


By this time everyone's atention was on the tv


''But however we know who was driving this car.'' the lady pused ''Selena Gomez and she wasn't alone in the car. With her was her new dancer Tiffany Butler. Both girls were in deep coma.''

''I need to go to LA'' Justin spoked as he got up from his seat ''And now'' was all he said and everyone heard befor he ran out of the room and out of the house.




''And in another life, I would make you stay

So I don't have to say you were the one that got away

The one that got away''

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