Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


28. "Happy Birthday"


Tiffany's pov



"Sel where are you taking me?" i asked/laughted as Selena draged me somewhere. Plus i was blind-folded, so didn't see where im going or in this case was draged. And if that isn't worst enough, than what is? "Okey can you give me a clue?"


She laughted a little and than spoked "Well... we're in a building."


"Really?" i asked. Not aspecting to get answer from her, i spoked again "I knew that."


"Thank shush" she giggeld and the rest of the way -to the place where i WAS BEING DRAGED- we kept quiet. The only sound was coming from both of our heels and sonewhere music was heard.


"Are we at club?" i questioned after a while. Like it's my birthday, i had it coming. Well i think. Well you never know what Selena haves in mind.


But i never recieved a answer from her. Which only left me thinking.


Okey.... So anyone can put this together: Music = Clubs and when you have a Birthday: Music + Birthday = Club/Party. Well doesn't it? Or am i totally wrong?


Sudenly stoping, i could feel Selena walk behind me. And as i opend my mouth to ask her what is she doing, her voice ranged throught my ears: "Relax" Was all she said.


Nothing left to say, i just nodded. The sound of door being open was heard and i was being pushed in some room.?


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" yelld my friends and family as i took of the blindfold.


"Happy birthday, sweety." my mom saud pulling me in bone crushing hug "Can't believe my other baby is 18."


"Mom," i said pulling away "i'll always will be your baby." She gave me week smile and nodded. Smiling back at her, i pushed past her in serch of the girl who draged me here - Selena Gomez.


Spiting her near the bar, i quicend my speed and in just mere seconda i was standing right next to her. "Sel, did you do all this?"


She turned to me with the biggest smile in her face. "Yes" She beamed. "Oh and happy birthday."




It was like an hour in to the party and by this time i've hugged and talked to the most of the guests. Starting with mom & dad, Pattie & Jeremy, Taylor Swift & Connor O'Bryen (her boyfriend. and might i add - he's hot). But i haven't seen Ryan, Chaz and Justin anywhere. I guess Justin doesn't want to see me. But where the hell is Ry and Chaz???


And as cou two boys poped up infront of me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They yelld.


"Ryan. Chaz." i sqeald as i flunged my arms around there necks and brought them in big hug "Guys i'd missed you."


"Same here sis." Ryan said once we pulled away.


"Uh where's Justin?"


Looking from each other and mouthing to one another, they fixed there gazes back on me. "He's back home. In Stratford." Chaz staited, looking me in the eyes.


And at that moment i can garantee that i heard my heart break. Guess he's moved on and is really happy with Britny. "Oh" was all that left my lips.



Justin's pov



Sitting in the livingroom, i scrolled down my time line. Nothing new, but crap. That was till one picture cought my eye.


With was posted just few minutes ago from Chaz's profile. And it showed Tiffany, Ryan and Chaz. They all look so happy. Well i don't blame them.


And atleast im not there to ruin the night-slash-fun they're having.


'Happy 18th Birthday to ma home gurl ' the caption read.


I laughted at his writting because he only writes like that when he's drunk or just being silly.


Few seconds later i dicatted to scrol down more, but was stoped when the window to the chat poped up. 'Tiffany Butler' it read.


Making confused face i read what she wrote.


Tiffany: hey. uh why arent you here?


Not responding i sat there and read thos lines few more times. Why did she write me this? And why does she want to there? I was about to tipe in few words when more sentences poped up from her.


Tiffany: justin ik your sitting there & thinking why? even if we broke up, youre my friend & i was really looking forword to see youl


Finally dicating to respons, i quicly tiped in few word sentence.


Me: didnt youll want me there. you know all akward.


Just few seconds she wrote again. And just now i noticed that she was tiping it from her phone.


Tiffany: well it wouldn't be awkward... but you know just forget it.

Tiffany: now i really feel like an idiot for hoping youll come


And with that she logged out. Well now i feel like shit. And when Ryan and Chaz get home i'll be dead.


Sighing, i closed the lid of the laptop and put it next to me. Turning my attention to TV i couldn't stop and feel worst about all this situation.




Walking down the empty street, i kicked small rocks. Still the sentenc from earlier floting in my mind.


''now i really feel like an idiot for hoping you'll come''


I really made it bad. And the worst part is, im not there. Now i just need to figure out how i could make this better? But than again why? Im just her ex. But i did make her feel worst, didn't i?


''Justin" someone sudenlly called out my name. Turning around, smile creped on my face.


''Hey'' i said as i hugged her ''What are you doing here?''


''Oh me and Chris came for a visit'' she smiled. She's really beautiful, but no girl will be as beatiful as Tiffany "I went to see if Chaz or Ryan was home, but they wern't. Do you know where are they?''


''Yeah'' i nodded and swolowed hard ''They're in LA. Tiffany having a Birthday party'' 


She nodded, still with that confused look on her face ''Than what are you doing here?'' 


Sighing, i ran a hand throuhg my hair ''I..'' i staited ''..i didn't want to go"' she noddedonce again. She was about to ask something esle, when i cut her off ''So where's Chris?''



Tiffany's pov


''Hey'' someone called out ''Why'ya down?'' i lifted my head, just in time to see Connor -Taylor's boyfriend- walking in my direction and Tyalor too, walking in my direction.


''Hey'' i smiled at both of them ''And im not down.'' Taylor stood next to him and gave me the 'Really?' look. And might i add she was right, i was down. But im not gonna go and put my problems on other people sholders. 


''Wanna talk about it?'' she said and sat next to me and Connor on my right. ''Because you can tell me anything.''


''Sure'' i wisperd and sighed ''I was hopping that Justin will be here. But i was wrong. So when i logged on facebook, he was onlain too, so i asked him why. And than he respond that it would be all awkward ann stuff.'' i pused and looked down ''And even still we broke up - i have feelings for him.''


Not with singel word Taylor pulled me in big hug. ''Well it's his lose for not coming.'' she wisperd in my ear. ''But enjoy this night. It's your night.''


Nodding, i smiled at her once we pulled away. ''C'mon guys'' I said pulling them both by there hnads and up on there feet ''Let's have fun''

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