Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


22. Back Home and Fights: Part 1

Tiffany's pov


''Oh my looks who's back home'' high pitch voice gasped from begind me. I turned around and faced that fake barbie doll with her clones ''You know this town didn't need you back'' Britny spat eyeing me from top to bottom.


 ''Ha ha'' i pretend to laught at her lame ass joke ''Don't worry you won't have to put up with me in this town very long. But you'll have problem when im on your TV screan'' I smirked at her.


''What that suppost to mean?'' she asked, crossing her arms over her chest.


''You may think you're the queen of Stratford High, but im much more of that'' i paused and leaned closer to her ''Im a rising popstar'' i said, my voice low.


''What?!'' she shreaked


''Aw you jealous?'' i said in baby voice and than going back to my normal voice ''Thank good. Just don't turn grean like Shrek'' i smirked and turned around.


''Oh you're not going anywhere'' she demanded in her pitch voice.


A wicked smile spred across my face as i turned around ''Yes?'' i asked glaring at her.


''How about we strat everything over?''


I thought about it for awhile. I know what she is trying to do here.


We become friends > I get popular all over the world > Which leads to her being popular or atleast people will know about her because she's my ''friend'' = And in the she'll still be a Bitch


''I think i have the answer'' i said and she past her gaze from Miranda AKA one of her wanabee friends to me ''and no'' i said simply ''We won't start anything over. I know what game you're trying to play here and it's not working''


She gave me dead gleard and scoffed ''And what game am i trying to play here?'' She asked acting all dumb and clues. Well the dumb act she didn't really need to play. 


''We become 'friends','' i said using air qoutes on the word friend ''you get all popular or atleast people will know about you because you're my 'friend', but still in the end you'll be a bitch.''


''Oh my'' she sighed ''I wan't even playing that game and i didn't even think on playing it.''




 ''You talked with Britny and you even told her that you'll be a pop star?'' Nicki gasped on the other side of the phone.


''Well if you're gonna be like this all the time i'll be home, maybe i needed to stay in America?'' i asked, slightly annoyed with her act about all this. I told her that im gonna be a pop star the minute my mom said yes.  ''You treat me as if being famous is bad thing now''


''Im not saying it's a bad thing'' she said ''It's just thatyou told Britny -the bitch and slut of the school- that you're gonna be a pop star. Did you ever think she could tell the whole school?''


''And even if she tells, what will change?'' i questioned ''Selena is talking about me on TV and soon they'll found out anyways''


 ''But you still didn't have to tell her that. Even if they'll found out later'' she argued


''You know what. Im sick of all this.'' i slightly yelld ''If you can't be happy for me, than maybe we aren't suppost to be best friends'' I said and hunged up.


I threw my phone aross the room, tears filling my eyes. Now i hate my life... wait what? She's the one who should be blamed for all this. I though that best friends should be there for each other. But well.. i was wrong. Wait wrong.


I stood up from my bed, fresh tears running past my cheeks. I walked over where my phone lying. I picked it up -wow no stach- and unlocked it. I found Selena's number and qiucly tiped in text.


To: Sel Boo

hey :) where are you celebraing new year?


I pressed send and brushed the back of my hand over my cheeks. And soon my phone ringed.


From: Sel Boo

hey. i'll be in LA with tay and other. why?


To: Sel Boo

is there any chance i could with you?


From: Sel Boo

sounds cool to me. + you'll have a chnace to meet tay


To: Sel Boo

key i'll be in la befor new year


I walked out of my room and down the hall when i reached the top of the stairs. I was about to set my foor down the first step when i heard people talking downstairs. ''She acts like some bitch.'' Someone said. And that someone sounded like Nicki.


''She just giot home. Probably jet leg'' someone that sounded like Ryan said.


''Still that doesn't give her the right to treat her best friend like that'' Nicki spat form the anger she was feeling agiants me. And you know the feeling were mutual.


I sighed and walked downstairs. ''So now you go behind my back?'' i asked harshly when i walked in the livingroom ''This even proves that you were NEVER my best friend. And i TRUSTED you''


''But REAL and LOYAL friends don't go trashing each other.'' she yelld at me ''You can say that i was never a best friend to you, but..'' she trailed off.


''But what?'' i said, wanting to know what she got to say.


''...i could NEVER call my friends even ex friends in names''


''I never called you or anyone in names'' i yelld trowing my arms in the air. I was seriosly pissed right now. She could just go. 


''But i know that you were fucking thinking it'' she spat at me ''You know what, what ever friendship we had, it's gone. I don't knwo you anymore.'' She said and walked past me. Few soconds later the door shut closed.


I fell in the coutch when Ryan spoked up ''What happen to you?'' he asked and walked out, not waiting for my answer.

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