Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


32. And so we move on.

Tiffany's pov

Walking down the streets od Startford, the fresh spring air hit againts my face. And sudenlly the big Starbucks logo came in my view. Picking up my spead I walked towards the coffee shop and as I got closer I let a small smile come on my face.

''Hi.'' She beamed as soon as she saw me. Coming closer she pulled me in tight hug. ''I've missed you." sge said as we pulled away from one another.

''Yeah. Me too.'' I nodded. That smile still on my face. ''So we go in or what?''

''We go in.'' She replyed and we proceed walked in. Nearing the counter a guy around my or Ju- Ryan's age smiled at the both of us. ''One Cinnamon Donlce Latte and one Caffè Latte.'' She smiled back at the guy. He nodded and proceed to make out drinks.

Taking a seat at nearbly tabel she turned to me. The look on her face spelling other words that came out of her mouth ''So how's living in Los Angeles?'' she asked, but I'm totally right that she wanted to ask It isn't so nice there like it's here, but letting that one go I looked around.

''Yeah, it's nice there.'' I looked at her. ''But I could fly you sometime down there. And it could be like trip and I could show you around, you know.?'' I added.

''Yeah that's sounds great.'' She said and the guy behind the counter brought us our drinks. Saying thank you to him, he smiled one last time and than walked back. Mentally rolling my eyes at how pathetic he was being I was brought back to the real life when she spoked up again ''How's Selena?''

''Nicki, why don't you like her?'' I asked and took a sip from my drink ''Befor than you fangirled about her and stuff.'' I pointed out the obvious. ''And don't start with the 'she took away you' 'you're now best friends with her and you've forgot about me' because that's a lie. No matter what you're my best friend.''


''So you leaving?'' Ryan asked from the door way.

''Yeah.'' I nodded not looking at him. All last nigh I spend with him. Mostly it was goofing off, but we managed to see few movies too. Like Karate Kid, The Last Song, some horror movies, actuality nothing special like that ''It's best for me now.'' I turned to look at him ''It's hard enough.''

''I understand.'' he nodded and came closer to me. Wrapping his hands around me, he pulled me in thos brother hugs. ''But promise that you'll come visit me.'' he said after we pulled away.

''I promise.'' I smiled looking up at him.

''Pinky promise?'' he asked and stucked his pinky in the air.

''Pinky promise.'' I said and wrapped my pinky around his. Now that I think of I gonna miss everyone from here. It's like I'm running from/for my life. And if I don't something will happen. And that's what I'm most scared off. "But now let me finish packing and than we can do something." He nodded and in blink of an eye he was gone. 

Trailing my fingers over the picture frames on my make-up table I could feel a tear pass my cheek. A lot have happen and a lot will happen and is coming. Returning back to packing I put in the last clothing and zipped the bag up. 

Taking it with me I walked downstairs and dropped it by the front door. Walking in the living room where Ryan was watching something I plopped down on the couch next to him. "What do you want to do?" I asked.

"I don't know." He shrugged.

"Than how about we stay here till the time I need to leave and watch whatever is on the Tv?" I asked raising one eye brow and turning to look at him.

"Yeah. That's sounds good." He nodded and wrapped is right around me. And no not in those boyfriend-girlfriend wrap an arm around maners, but brother-sister maners.


Looking out the window I let my thoughts run back to these two (?) days that I've spend at my home. From suprising and getting my self a suprise to the not official goodbye.

Who would thought that I've would live a life like this.

Who would though I'd go through a heartbreak.

And all this in just four months.

It's crazy if I think like that. It all seems like thos book you read or movies you watch. 

The clouds slipped past the plane and so did my thoughts and the feelings that came with them. I just wish I could turn back the time and make things happen other ways. But that's not possible, if only. "We'll be lading in Los Angeles soon." the flight attendant spoked. This will be my life from now on.


@tiffanybutler: hey guys. back in la :) hope to see everyone of you soon #Suprise


Justin's pov

Have you ever dated girl A and broken up. And after sometime you date girl B, but with her it doesn't work because you don't have that special connection with her like you did with girl A. And than you realize that no matter what you have feelings for girl A, but you don't know if she does. And when your friends tell you she does you thinks it's a lie. And than girl A comes to visit you, but girl B haves to ruin it. Well that's my life.

"Justin here's something for you!" Mom called from the kitchen. Standing up from my seat on the couch I walked into the kitchen where she sure was. Not saying anything she handed me a white envelope with To Justin written on it. Taking from her I quickly walked back into the living room. Tearing it open I took out the letter that was in it. 


Hi Justin,

I know that you're dating Britny and all, but I just thought you should know this.
So all this time (from the moment we broke up) I haven't stopped thinking about you. But sadly it have to come to end. And I know that Ryan and Chaz have said that
 I love you and all, but you probably didn't believe them because you're dating Britny. 
So it have to come to end. Today I'm going back to Los Angeles. And as you read I'm probably already there or on the plane.
So anyways all I wanted to say with this letter is that I loved you all this times. And the first song I wrote is about you. If you haven't heard it I suggest you go listen to it.

And so we move on.




She loved me? She loved me. She loved me! And I didn't belive my two best friends when they told me. I'm so stupid.


Puching the letter in my jean pocket I ran up to my room and picked up my phone. Dialing her number as fats as I cloud. Pressing Call  I waited till she picks up, but she never did. ''The number you're currently calling is switched off or is out of range.'' The lady or mashine said.


Dropping phone on my bed I picked up my laptop and quicly went on youtube. Typing Tiffany Butler in the serch bar I pulled the note out of my pocket. Reading the last two sentences I waited till it loads. When youtube gave me the reslts to her name I pressed the first video.


TIffany Butler's interview with Milanda Walker 15/02/2013


It showed Tiffany's interview with this Milanda chick. All that lady was doing was asking Tiffany diffrent kinda queations.


''-any songs coming?'' cought my atention. Maybe this was what she was thalking in her letter or rather a note.


''Actuality yes. I've been working on one song.'' Tiffany answerd with that beautiful smile of hers/


''And how are you doing?''


''It's finished. And i don't have any problem singing it now. Live. Can i?'' Milanda nodded and Tiffany stood up heading to this little stage, I guess. The band started to play a melodie for a song which Tiffany will sing and just mere seconds she started to sing. [a/n: type in youtube Emily Osment - You Are The Only One and listen to it]


She finished singing and the interviewer came by her side. ''So is song about someone special?'' she asked.


And now I was waiting for what answer did she give back. I'm not getting my hopes up or something like that. ''No.'' Tiffany shook her head, still smiling.


''One again give it up for Tiffany Butler.'' and the video ended. She lied?




Putting my hands over my face I sighed. How could I be so stupid? How can I not believe my BEST friends when they told me? How?


For the last half and hour I've been ''beeting'' my self up for how stupid I've been acting anf all this not believeing shit and so on. But seriosly how could I be so stupid? I wish I could turn back the time and make it all happen differently.


A knock on my room door snapped me back to the real world. ''Come in.'' I called out and the door opend, Ryan coming in my view. ''When did you get here?'' was the first words that left my mouth.


''I like a minute or two ago ranged the door bell.'' He said jamming his index finger over his sholder. I noded and he came further in my room. ''I guess you got the letter Tiffany left you.'' He said mentioning to the piece of paper in my hand.


''Yeah.'' I nodded ''You knew?'' I asked looking him right in the eyes.


''She told me about it befor she got on the plane. Annd I'm the one who brought it to your house.'' He said, now taking a step back.


''Thanks.'' I said. And I guess it suprised him because the following question show it.


''You're not mad?''


I shook my head. ''Why would I? I mean it just showed that I was stupid enough that I didn't believe you guys. And as a result I fucked up our friendship.''


''You didn't fuck it.'' He said and came over to me. Sitting down on the bed, he looked down at the see blue carpet. ''Have you tryed calling her?'' He asked after a moment of silenc.


''Yeah.'' I breathed out ''But she didn't pick up. Did you?''


''No.'' was all that left his mouth. ''Wanna try again?''


''No. It'll be good. I'll be good.'' I replyed. And maybe it was best if we don't talk now. I mean she saw some bitch who lied because she's a bitch. And all this and all that. From kiddnaping to almost dieng. From one mess into another. It's a lot for one person.

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