The Darkest Corner (Harry Styles and Niall Horan Love Story/ Vampire)

Atlanta Summers is just a normal teenage girl living with her best friends who are vampires. Yes Atlanta is human. Her parents threw her out at the age of 10. Harry Styles is the vampire that found her on the street crying. But Atlanta's heart it sealed up she doesn't want to be hurt anymore. Can Harry break the walls?

When a new girl comes in. Yumi she has a secret the boys find out. She's a vampire hunter and its trying to find the person who killed her parents. Will she find out? And will this vampire hunter fall in love with a cute handsome Irish vampire?

Read more and find out


4. Yumi Knows

Yumi's POV

Every time I said the word Vampire. Atlanta would stay quiet so it was about time I asked her if she knew any stories.

"So Atlanta know any vampire stories?" I asked.

Atlanta looked up at me. "No I don't." She said playing with her heart necklace.

I sighed a little in disappointment "That's a shame Atlanta, I really do love a good vampire story. So please tell me a little about myself. I recall you saying that not many people like you and you are in some sought of trouble with a guy?" I asked.

I saw Atlanta cringe but take a massive breath. "Atlanta summers. 16 years old. My parents kicked me out when I was 10. That's where I met Harry. He took me in and showed me to his family. He used to sit with me at recess and lunch since no one would talk to me after a while him and my friends stopped going and I started being bullied by Jason now everyone in the school bullies me. What about you" She said speaking really fast.

"Wow okay, well I am originally from Phoenix. But my brother and sister moved here with me about a few weeks ago. I didn't have many friends apart from Holly. It's cool because we still keep in contact. She sends me like these legends and rumors about certain things. I was known as the shy freak at school. All the girls would pick on me because I have a problem talked with boys. By problem I mean babbling on about something that hasn't even been said" I whispered to scared Atlanta will laugh.

"Oh I've heart of that" Atlanta smiled.

"Who's Jason? I mean you seem to hate him but I think he's alright because he was so nice to me today" I said wondering why.

"He does that to every new girl" Atlanta says looking away. I think she hated talking about him.

Harry walked in. "Sorry girls Umm I am getting take out again what would you like. I know you Atlanta want a garden salad plus fruit salad. Yumi?"

I smiled. Wow they are nice. They have only just met me. "Umm... Anything. I eat anything you throw at me" I said.

"Another Niall. Anyway will Nandos do?" Harry asked.

I nodded. Harry smiled and left. 

My phone buzzed. I checked it.

Hey baby sis. Just remember if your going to be home late you have to open up yourself. Also do your homework

Okay brother

I put my phone away. "Sorry just my brother. Anyway who's Niall?" I asked

"Once of the guys I live with" Atlanta says.

"Can I meet them?" I asked. Atlanta nods.

We stood up and walked down the stairs. Into the lounge. Where everyone is playing 'Dance Star.' 

"Guys" Atlanta said which made them stop. They turned around and smiled. ""Yumi my brothers Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. My sisters Perrie and Jade. Guys meet my best friend Yumi" She continued.

They all smiled.

"Hi nice to meet you" I said.

"Heya nice to meet you. Louis I'm hungry" Niall says

"Harry's getting dinner" Louis said and smirked.

I smiled and looked at Niall. "I am guessing your Niall. The one who likes food."

Niall nods and gulps. Liam get to his ear.

"Easy" He whispered.

Atlanta's POV

I felt sick again.

"I'll be back guys" I said and disappeared up the stairs. Where I got to the bathroom and threw up blood again in the sink. I tried to stop but I couldn't. I had to work out why I was throwing up blood and why my heart felt like it was breaking. Before I could do anything. I fell to the ground.

Yumi's POV

I heard them talking. Human blood. Oh crap and to think I've mistaken them to be human. They act too human for me or anybody else. I mean they did a very good cover. Wait does that mean Atlanta's a vampire too? Oh no I must find out before its too late.


"Guys I smell blood" Perrie whispered really loudly in Zayn's ear.


His eyes widened and ran. I followed. I needed to be sure. I watched as Zayn opened the bathroom door and almost fall as he saw Atlanta on the ground. He checked the sink. I did too where there was blood. We both almost gagged. That's bad. Zayn kneeled down to Atlanta.

"Atlanta can you hear me. Wake up for me" He said stroking her cheek. Maybe she is human.

"Zayn go before the blood drives you crazy" I said. Shit.

"No I'll be fine. Wait you know?" Zayn asked a little shocked and scared.

I nodded. We heard the door open.

"Guys I'm back" Harry's voice ringing through the house.

Zayn looked at me. "Go stop him. He can't know. He will get pretty made" he said.

I nodded and ran down the stairs. I had to think and fast. "Hi I'm Yumi. You must be Harry" I said.

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You've already met me. What's going on? Where's Atlanta?" Harry asks.

Think Yumi think. "She's in the shower" I said.


"Okay I'll go knock on the bathroom door and tell her" Harry says.

Shit. No. Crap. What now?
"I'll tell her you just go put tea on the table" I said. Harry nods and leaves. I run off "Zyan are we all clear? I ask knocking on the door.

"Yeah but she isn't waking up" He said. I opened the door. "Atlanta come on wake up" He said.

I walked into the bathroom again "I was barley able to fool your bother and to be honest I don't normally help vampires" I said making myself clear.

Zayn looks at me. "Umm... We aren't really brothers you know that right. We act like vampires. Well I hope you can tell we are good" He says. That's when Harry bursts through the door.

"Atlanta" He says.

"She isn't waking up" I responded.

"AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME" He shouted loud so the neighborhood could hear us.

kneels next to Atlanta.

"Harry she's thrown up blood" Zayn said.

"What how? How is that even possible?" Harry asks

I started to think and clicked my fingers as I thought of something. Making Zayn and Harry look at me. "It could be from her wound" I said.

"What wound?" Zayn asked.

Harry looks at me and shakes his head. Shit what did I do?

"What wound Harry?" Zayn asks

I lifted up Atlanta's top to show Zayn. He gasped in shock and horror. Harry smacked his head.

"I already knew" Harry says.

That's when Harry and Zayn started to fight. This is not what we need right now.

"Guys stop fighting we have more things to worry about like Atlanta" I yelled. Making them jump and stop.


"Shh..." They both said.

Atlanta started to wake up groaning. Yes she woke up. "Harry" Atlanta mumbled. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

"Why does it hurt?" She asks.

"What hurts?" I asked.

"My heart fells like its breaking" She whisperers.


"Is it possible that Atlanta might be turning into a vampire?" I ask.

Harry looks up at me like he is mad about saying she is one. "
No. Otherwise I would sense it. No she's not one. Never has been one" Harry says.

After a while we where all down stairs eating dinner. Harry and Atlanta where talking until she walked and sat on the couch. I followed and sat down next to her. I watched Niall eat. Man he is so handsome. I heard Atlanta chuckle.

"What?" I asked.

"Its obvious you like him. Ask him out" Atlanta says and turned on the TV 'Knight Rider.' I am guessing her favourite TV show.

do not vampire hunters are forbidden to date vampires" I protest.

Atlanta shook her head. "So they won't know." Harry comes in and sits next to Atlanta. They start talking. Why don't you two look at yourselves.

I checked my phone. "Shoot. I have to get home. Bye guys" I said and quickly hug Atlanta. Than Harry. "Thanks for the dinner." I continued and left the house. Walking home.

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