The Darkest Corner (Harry Styles and Niall Horan Love Story/ Vampire)

Atlanta Summers is just a normal teenage girl living with her best friends who are vampires. Yes Atlanta is human. Her parents threw her out at the age of 10. Harry Styles is the vampire that found her on the street crying. But Atlanta's heart it sealed up she doesn't want to be hurt anymore. Can Harry break the walls?

When a new girl comes in. Yumi she has a secret the boys find out. She's a vampire hunter and its trying to find the person who killed her parents. Will she find out? And will this vampire hunter fall in love with a cute handsome Irish vampire?

Read more and find out


7. The Move

Atlanta's POV   My eyes fluttered open. To see Harry and Yumi talking. I couldn't help but smile. Harry looked at me and walked over kneeling down.   "Hi love" he whispered pecking my lips. I smiled.   "Hi" I said rubbing my eyes. Harry slowly rubbed my back. Yumi left us alone. "Where are the others?" I asked.    "They went to fight Veronica" Harry said. I nodded slowly. Harry moved the hair out of my face. "She isn't touching you again okay" He whispered.    I nodded and sat up. Yumi walked back in with chocolate. I chuckled lightly. The boys, Perrie and Jade came back. Niall was brushed and bleeding. Yumi gasped and hugged Niall making him groan in pain.   "I'm sorry" Yumi said.   "Its fine princess" Niall whispers.   Yumi smiles and kisses his cheek. Harry and I stood up.   "Where did Veronica go?" Harry asked holding my tightly.    "We don't know" Louis said.   Harry nodded. "Alright we are going away for a few day. Girls up for it?" Harry asks.   We nodded and started to pack. Harry helped me.    "Are you sure?" I asked.   Harry nodded. "Its the only way to keep you safe" He said. I nodded and faced Harry towards me.  He looked confused until I pressed my lips onto his. Harry smiled and kissed back.   We had a full on make-out session and we pulled back.    "We better go" I said.   Harry nodded and we left the room with the others waiting for us. It was me, Harry, Niall, Yumi and Jade in one car. Zayn, Liam, Louis and Perrie in the other. I smiled at Harry had the radio blurring all our favourite songs where on there. We did sing along to.   'Save Me' came on if you don't know it. Its from Smallville. The theme song. Later in the Harry swapped so Niall was driving. Harry was in the back with. I was asleep on him even he was asleep. This was going to be a long drive.   The next day we arrived at the cottage. We where all fully awake. Harry and I where sharing a room. So were Niall and Yumi. Zayn and Perrie.  Louis, Liam and Jade shared since it was a big one.   Harry and I where talking. "She won't touch you I can promise you that" Harry whispered kissing my forehead.   I nodded. "Can we ever go back?" I asked.   "Not sure love" Harry whispered. I nodded and kissed his cheek. We walked out of the room and got into the lounge.  Where the others were watching TV. I smiled at how we really where getting along. Harry sat on the arm chair with me in his lap. I smiled softly and we watched 'Transformers' and 'Twilight' for the fun of it.    Louis kept screaming at the telly when he saw something that couldn't happen. It was so funny.    "I'm Edward and your my Bella" Harry whispered. I nodded and smiled. Harry kissed my cheek.   After the movie was finished. I made dinner with Harry's help. Once it was made we served it out in the dining room. We sat down and ate.    After dinner Louis and jade where doing the dishes. Then others where playing basket ball at the back. It was Liam, Harry and I. Yumi, Niall and Zayn.  Perrie was reff. It was 6-3. We where wining. Perrie blew the whistle. I grabbed the ball and bounced it. Passing it to Harry who than passed it to Liam. Liam smiled and threw it getting a 3 pointer. We hugged since we one since it was a 3 round game.             ***Only filler hope you liked it. :)****
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