The Darkest Corner (Harry Styles and Niall Horan Love Story/ Vampire)

Atlanta Summers is just a normal teenage girl living with her best friends who are vampires. Yes Atlanta is human. Her parents threw her out at the age of 10. Harry Styles is the vampire that found her on the street crying. But Atlanta's heart it sealed up she doesn't want to be hurt anymore. Can Harry break the walls?

When a new girl comes in. Yumi she has a secret the boys find out. She's a vampire hunter and its trying to find the person who killed her parents. Will she find out? And will this vampire hunter fall in love with a cute handsome Irish vampire?

Read more and find out


2. Silent Night

Harry's POV

Atlanta was asleep that night. But the person bullying her is going to stop and I'll make him. I read her dairy. 'Jason' was the one who popped up the most. I knew where he lived. His parents are hunters. I took off vampire speed to see Jason snogging a girl.

"Jason" I said and walked up. He stopped snogging him and looked at me scared.

"Don't come near me my parents are inside" He said. I just smiled and licked my lips. 

"You know my best friend sister came home crying today. You should know her. Atlanta yeah you do" I said.

"What about her?" He asked. I looked at his girl and titled my head to the side.

"Your girlfriend is very pretty I'd hate for something tragic to happen to her" I said smirking.

"Poppy go inside" Jason said. Poppy nodded and walked inside closing the door behind her.

"I want you to leave Atlanta alone got it. If you don't I will kill your bimbo girlfriend and you" I snapped and pushed him into the wall. "Got it" I growled.

Jason nodded. "Yes. Yes. Leave Atlanta alone" He said shaking.

"Good" I said and ran off vampire speed. I got home to see Atlanta waiting for me by the front door.

"You didn't kill him did you?" She asked.

"No love I just told him to leave you alone or I will" I said.

Atlanta nodded. I walked inside. Man it was quiet. "Where are the boys, Perrie and Jade?" I asked.

"Hunting" Atlanta said and walked off to her room.

"And they left you alone" I said.

Atlanta looked at me. "Haz I can look after myself you know that" she said.

I sighed. "I know. Wait why don't you fight back in school?" I asked.

"Because I don't want to get in trouble" She sassed and walked off. Louis of course.

I chuckled and walked into the kitchen and drank some water. Smiling to myself.





A/N: Chapter on filler sorry guys.

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