The Darkest Corner (Harry Styles and Niall Horan Love Story/ Vampire)

Atlanta Summers is just a normal teenage girl living with her best friends who are vampires. Yes Atlanta is human. Her parents threw her out at the age of 10. Harry Styles is the vampire that found her on the street crying. But Atlanta's heart it sealed up she doesn't want to be hurt anymore. Can Harry break the walls?

When a new girl comes in. Yumi she has a secret the boys find out. She's a vampire hunter and its trying to find the person who killed her parents. Will she find out? And will this vampire hunter fall in love with a cute handsome Irish vampire?

Read more and find out


8. Darkness

Atlanta's POV

The next day Harry dropped Yumi and I off at school. He's really worried now. Since Veronica is back and in the school. He knows she can attack at any moment in time. Once in the school Jason and Veronica where talking. Yumi and I got to our lockers and grabbed what we needed. Walking off. Yumi had to go to the bathroom. Great. Veronica looked at me and smiled, she than made her way over. I gulped. No. She circled me.

"I could bite you right now. But I won't. Harry would kill me" Veronica whispered in my ear and pushed me against the locker. My hand twisting. But I didn't say anything. Jason kicked me. I coughed and fell to the ground. He kept kicking me until my vision got burly. The last thing I heard was Yumi.

"Atlanta" Yumi said before I fell into darkness.

Yumi's POV

I ran through the crowd. When I saw Atlanta on the ground. 

"Atlanta" I said shaking her but she didn't answer.

"I thought she was going to fight" Veronica said. The crowd disappeared as the principal walked up. I called Harry.

"Yumi" He said.
"Harry you need to come to the school now" I said.
"Oh my way" He said and hung up.

Wow okay. 10 minutes later. Harry came running in. He got to us.

"Atlanta can you hear me?" He asked. "What happened I told you not to let her leave your sight?" Harry contuined.

"I went to the toilet. I thought she'd be fine. I came out to see Jason kicking her. Veronica smiling" I said.

Harry looked mad and picked Atlanta up carefully. Veronica walked up.

"Pitty she didn't fight" She smirked.

"Leave her alone got it Veronica" Harry snapped and walked out. I followed. Harry drove off with me in the front since Atlanta was in the back. He didn't talk. He was just staring at the rode and speeding.

"Harry" I said.

He didn't even look at me. "What? I asked you to do one simple thing and you didn't do it. Now look what happened" He snaps and parks in the driveway. Harry got out of the car and slammed his door. I jumped a little. Wow. I saw Harry carry Atlanta inside. I followed again.

"Harry what happened?" Louis asked.

"Bullies and Veronica" He said no emotion in his voice. 

Niall hugged me gently. 2 minutes later Harry came back down. He walked past all of us. We followed him to see him getting vervain and putting it into a drink.

"Harry" Zayn said.

"I'm killing her once and for all" Harry snapped.

"Now now Harry that wouldn't be fare" Veronica said.

We all turned to see Veronica standing there. With Atlanta in her arms.

"Let her go now" Harry yelled walking in front of us all.

"She smells good" Veronica chuckled.

Harry's POV

I got mad at Veronica. I growled. Veronica laughed.

"Let her go Veronica" I snapped. Veronica disappeared dropping Atlanta. I ran to her to see if she wasn't bitten and she wasn't. I stroked Atlanta's cheek. Atlanta coughed and opened her eyes. "Hi" I said softly.

"Hi" She smiled. I helped her sit up carefully. She than shook her wrist.

"What happened?" I asked grabbing it. Making her wince and scream a little. 

"Veronica" Atlanta said in pain. Liam walked out of the room to get a first aid kit. I hugged Atlanta. I felt her hug back. I carefully stood up still hugging her though. Liam came back. Atlanta and I pulled back. I grabbed a bandage out and carefully wrapped her wrist and hand. Once I was done I kissed it and winked at her.

Atlanta blushed a little. I chuckled and smiled. I packed the first aid kit up and left it on the bench. I heard something. I heard a gun lock.

"Everyone get down" I shouted. I knocked Atlanta down gently and bullets fired through the house. Once the shooting finished. I told everyone to stay down for a little bit longer just in case. We stood up slowly. I gasped in pain.

"Harry" Atlanta said. "Harry your bleeding" She continued on. I than fell to the ground. Atlanta ran to me. "I'm so sorry" She cried.

Louis ran into the basement to get somethings. 

"Why are you sorry baby?" I asked sweating.

"If I moved when you told me to this wouldn't have happened" Atlanta cried. I stroked her cheek softly. Louis came back.

"Atlanta out the way" He said.

"No" Atlanta said.

She got pulled away from me by Zayn. 

Atlanta's POV

Zayn pulled me away. I screamed and tried fighting him. But he was too strong. I looked away when Louis put his hand in Harry's stomach getting the bullet out. Once it was done. I heard a scream from Harry and nothing. I looked to see Harry asleep on the ground. Louis was wiping off his hand. But Zayn still wouldn't let me go.

"Zayn let her go" Perrie said.

"But she's bleeding. Her blood" Zayn whispered. Liam pulled us apart. Zayn went into the window. Louis caught me.

"You alright?" He asked.

I nodded softly.

"Yumi get her out of here now" Louis said.

Yumi nodded and helped me up. We walked out of the room. I was so dazed from everything. 

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