Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


7. Your going to pay for this!!!!!!!

Just then the Limo arrived and pulled up and into the pavement, you saw the driver jump out and run round to open the doors for the boys.

Everyone looked back at you and you looked up at Harry as you went into the limo.

Whilst you sat at the far side of the limo Louis came in followed by Zayn, Liam, Niall then last of all Harry.

Louis smiled at you warmly "we are glad your better  and we were wondering if you want to go out with us tomorrow night.. Perrie, Danielle and Elenor." he paused because he saw the confused look on your face then began to explain who the three girls where "if you didn't already know Perrie Is Zayn's girlfriend, Dannielle is Liam's girlfriend and Ellenor is my amazing girlfriend." you saw a spark in his eyes when he said the word  Ellenor left his lips and you knew by how he said it he worshiped her.

You nodded , taking in all of the information that you had just learnt.

"When you say Perrie, do you mean Perrie Edwards out of little mix?" you asked.

"yep, she is my babe that I will all ways love" Zayn said looking so happy.

Niall began to whistle and Zayn got hold of niall then they started to play fight with Niall in the back of the limo.

I looked over at Harry to see him starring at you. He quickly looked away and out of the window.

You looked back to Louis and said "I would love to go out with you lott later on tomorrow but before that I will be out getting a new outfit with Harry.. He is being so kind to me! He says he is going to buy me some more clothes because I dont have any with you lot."

"oh, ok" he paused then came closer to you and whispered into your ear "I can tell he likes you... I think it's so cute! My little Harold is growing up!" he said trying to pretend he was Harry's mother.

Just then Harry jumped on Louis' knee and gave him a big smile "what you two talking about?" he said in his husky voice.

"oh nothing much, I was just asking if Annabel would like to go out with the group tomorrow." louis exclaimed.

"oh good idea Lou" Harry budged off his knee and sat in between you and Louis.

Just then Liam's phone rang, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked down at who it was... "shhhhh, it's my Mum"

He put the phone to his ear, just then Niall came and sat next to him. He said in a very high pitched voice "babe, come back to bed" Harry put his hand up to his mouth and tried not to laugh.

Niall continued "oh Liam you sure know how to treat a girl"

Liam pushed Niall away trying not to laugh "sorry mum, that was Niall being annoying"

Niall butted in shouting in the background "why are you lying to your mum? Tell her it's Danielle, and hurry up babe, your missing out on your kiss"

Louis began to laugh and Harry started as well.

Liam took the phone away from his ear and whispered "you are going to pay for this Niall"

 "ok mum... Love you to.. Bye" Liam put the phone down and launched himself at Niall and punched him playfully "are you stupid or what!? What if my mum actually thinks I'm with Danielle?"

Everyone began to laugh. Niall sat up "sorry, it was just to tempting"


Louis smiled at Harry and they began to talk.

For the wrest of the journey you sat starring out of the window because all the boys were talking and you didn't want to disturb them.

When the limo door swung open all of you got out and went back up to your hotel room.

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