Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


21. The wrong T-Shirt

You laughed at what Harry was whispering into your ear as he began to get dirtier..

You stopped yourself from laughing and pushed Harry away from your ear again.

"well see you later Niall" you said chuckling.

"bye" Niall said putting the phone down quickly.

Harry got hold of your phone and chucked it onto his pillow so you couldn't reach it again. You laughed at this as he questioned "why the hell did you say apple turnovers? You could have chosen anything on the planet so why apple turnovers?"

You laughed "I don't know.. I was just hungry"

"I'm hungry too" Harry said winking.

He crashed down on your lips again and he began to nibble your bottom lip softly.

He began to fumble around at your shirt because you still had your arms in the sleeves.

He pulled it off and budged it to one side of him.. He got off his knees and lent his hips on yours, he positioned your legs in a cradle position again as he started motioning up and down again in sync with his kissing.

He stuck his Tongue into your mouth again and you tried to fight for dominance again and you lost.. Again..

You could feel Harry's grin widen on your lips as he had won.

He peeled his lips off yours, you both began to breath deeply trying to catch your breath.

Harry put his forehead on yours "why does Niall have to always interrupt me when I'm on a roll" he winked at you then shuffled down your body a bit.

He wrested his head on your chest as you both got your breath back, you began to comb your fingers through his curly locks.

"That feels so good" he said sounding deep as usual.

You laid there for a few minutes until Harry let out a whimper of impatience and moved back up to your lips and kissed them gently "babe, I love you" he said after kissing you.

"I love you to Harry.. What are we going to do now?" you asked.

Harry slipped off you and laid next to you and put his arm around you "I don't mind.. I would love to just lye here and cuddle" he said sweetly.

You snuggled into him and you closed your eyes, you felt totally relaxed in Harry's tight grip.

After a few more minutes you were asleep.

When you woke up later on, you opened your eyes slowly to find Harry starring right at you.

You thought to yourself 'he must have stayed awake all the time you were asleep.'

He smiled "hello sleeping beauty" he kissed you on the for head softly "you have been asleep for ages.. You look so cute when your asleep" he grinned at you and put your hair behind your ear.

"well thank you" you said feeling complimented by this comment.

You both sat up in bed and you grabbed the shirt that was lying on the bed and put it on and buttoned it up.

(you didn't realise it at the time but it was actually the wrong shirt.. You were wearing Harry's top he was wearing all day and he was wearing yours.)

"so.." you mumbled.

Harry looked up at you "let's get something to eat.. I'll make some sandwiches."

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