Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


9. "Thanks Harry"

You walked over to the wrest of the boys who were all wresting against the work surfaces. They all said good morning to you and then Harry began to chat to you and the wrest of the boys "Annabel woke me up in the middle of the night when she came through to make herself a hotchocolate and after that she fell asleep next to me on the sofa! I had to pick her up and put her back to bed!" Harry said smiling.

You blushed a little and quiertly said "thanks Harry"

Louis had a masive smirk on his face then said "but Harry! You always sleep nakied! How did you pick up Annabel without erm... Hahaha" he began to laugh.

Harry butted in saying "well because I am a pro at this, you get the blanket and wrap it around your waist and it turns into a cover up thing."

Louis nodded and slowly clapped "wow... That's something." he said sarcasticly.

Harry rolled his eyes then began to wash his mug out.

You were growing a soft spot for Harry more, and more your with him. You wouldn't admit it though.

Just then Niall appeared from his room holding a tub of hair jell... You watched as he creeped up on Zayn and got a masive scoop of the stuff and splatted it on Zayn's hair. Zayn jumped away from the pure shock of the coldness of it. All the boys began to laugh as Zayn began to scoop the jell or of his hair.

Niall bolted for his room and locked the door before Zayn could get to him. You began to laugh quiertly to yourself as you looked at Zayn's hair.

Zayn went over to the bathroom and got a towel and began to wipe his hair as he walked back over to Niall's door "Niall James Horan, you are in deep suit when you get out of there!!!!!"

Zayn stomped off into his on-suite bathroom and shut the door to get his hair washed.

"Niall it's ok to come out now" louis shouted.

Harry came over to you and gave you a big grin "so, you go and get ready to go and I will see you when you have finished... I have got a spare toothbrush in the toilet bag on the sink side if you want to use it." you nodded and set off into Harry's room and slipped your clothes on. You folded up Harry's shirt neatly and you then walked into his on-suite bathroom.

You opened up Harry's toilet bag to find some dry shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, spot cream, face wash and after about a few minutes looking you found the spare toothbrush and you got the toothpaste that was already out on the sink side and began to clean your teeth. After that you got some of Harry's face wash and scrubbed it into your face and rinsed it off feeling nice and clean.

You walked out of the on-suite and out of the bedroom to find the five boys sitting on the sofa lousy smiled and said "we will meet you two down in the cafe down stairs in a few minutes because we are starving" and Harry nodded at louis and they all set off out of the door.

"can I borrow your hair brush Harry?" you asked him slowly.

He nodded getting up and you followed him through to the bedroom "I'll just get it Annabel, just sit on the bed whist I go and get it." and he wandered in to get the bathroom.

You sat on the bed and began to tap a little tune on your leg whilst yo were waiting.

Just then Harry came through holding his hair brush and came over to the bed and he climbed on the bed and crawled on his knees until he got to you.

You smiled at him in the mirror in front of you and he sat down behind you with his legs parted so his hips were nearly touching your back.

He began to brush your hair gently and you chuckled to yourself to see the concentration on his face.

He was so cute!

After he had brushed your hair he put the brush strait through the middle of your hair then put the brush down on the bed next to him.

He looked at you in the mirror and smiled, tilting his head to the side before he wrested his head on your shoulder and you watched him in the mirror smile at you "come on then you, let's go and meet the wrest of the boys down stairs." as he slid off the bed and you both went out of the hotel room and Harry locked the door.

You both walked Down the corridor to the lift and pressed the button, the lift opened, there were three teenage boys stood in the lift and you had noticed they were all looking at you but not at your face.

You looked up at Harry feeling very nervous and Harry had noticed how the boys were making you feel very nervous and he held your hand tightly before walking in with his chest puffed out.

The boys began to snigger at you and you noticed Harry was getting really protective over you.

You looked up at Harry and tried to calm him down by rubbing your thumb on the back of his hand and he looked down at you and put on a half smile.

One of the boys walked up to you "hey there baby cakes, who's the bloke?"

Harry stood in front of you with his chest puffed out and growled "I'm her boyfriend, so bog off!"

"no need to get mardy there fella" the boy said.

"just get away from her, ok! She is mine" Harry was inches away from this boy now.

For your relief the lift doors opened and you all got out.

You heard on of the boys shout "bye sexy!"

Harry turned to face them and you could see he was on his last fuse and you whispered into his ear "come on Harry, it's ok, let's go and find the wrest of the boys"

Harry took a deep breath and walked with you up to the table Louis was sitting on. As you sat down Harry looked at you "I'm going to get some air.. I'll be back in a minute" and he walked outside looking very pissed off.

Louis eye brows raised "what's up with him?!" he said sounding surprised.

You sighed "some boys were being weird and saying stuff about me in the lift and They asked me who Harry was and he stood there infront of me and said her boyfriend and then they said more stuff to me and he got super pissed off by then and he got very protective over me and.. Erm.. Yeah.. That's about it.."

You looked up at you and put a concerned look on his face "look.. I'll go and talk to him.. To try and calm him down."

"thanks Louis" you said slowly rubbing the back of your neck.. You didn't know what to think.

Louis got up and went out side and found Harry and he began to talk to him.

"hi Annabel" you looked up to see Liam standing next to you followed by Zayn.

"hi" you sighed.

Zayn began to scan the room "wheres Harold?"

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