Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


6. "Shut up Niall"

The Niall began to look up at you, he began checking you out but you smiled politely at them as Louis began to whisper something to Niall.

You didn't pay any attention to them because you knew they were being boys and boys are boys and you can't stop them being themselves.

Harry didn't like it though and when you looked down at the menu again you saw Harry whisper something to Louis and you heard louis say sorry.

You thought it was quite funny Niall and louis thought you were attractive because you had never really had anyone notice you in that way before, they were more into Izzy or Megan. It was nice having some attention.

You didn't really care though.

Just then the waiter came back out again holding four plates in his hands and asked which order was who's.. Then he went back for Niall's and the special chow main for you two.

Harry grinned at you then you both began to tuck in. The noodles were amazing! It had chicken, pork, beef, prawn, bean sprouts, lamb and veg!

It was very messy to eat but you didn't really care because all the rest of the boys were just as messy as the next one.

After you had finished the meal you were stuffed and most of the boys felt the same except from Niall who had ordered some praw crackers.

The waiter came over with a little note pad and said "That will be £40 please" Harry began to rummage through his pockets and pulled his wallet out and got a £10 note out and asked the waiter how much everyones meal cost and they soon all paid for there meals.

When we had finished talking for a while inside we all went outside and waited for the limo. As you opened the door a cold wind got you and you shivered.

You went and stood next to Harry, who had his coat on at the time and you stood next to him and began to shiver. He looked at you looking worried and then took off his jacket and rapped it around your shoulders "here Annabel, This will keep you warmer"  and he stood right next to you.

The boys looked at you then Harry, they didn't know what to say so they stood very awkwardly just starring at you two. Niall stood there starring at you and Harry "awwwwww"

 "Niall shut up" he sighed.

Niall smiled at you then mouthed "he lllooovveeess you" and he winked at you slowly.

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