Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


15. Safe in his arms

When you all got in Harry was sat on the sofa holding his arm.

You walked Over to harry and looked down at his lip that was still bleeding. You went over to the sink and got a tissue and looked in the culbords untill you found some tee tree and put it on the tissue it and went back over to Harry and you sat next to him on your knees, facing him.

You got hold of the tissue and said to Harry quietly "this might sting a little"

You began to dab his lip and he winced at the pain of the tee tree on an open wound.

You said quietly to him "shhhhhh it will be over soon"

And he relaxed and closed his eyes as you started again.

You looked over at Liam who was treating Niall.. His leg was bleeding because of the sure power of the kick and he looked like he was in so much pain.

Harry said to you slowly "babe... I am so sorry... I ruined it again... You go to bed darling... I'll be ok..." he held your hand whilst saying this and let go of it slowly after he had said that.

You held his hand again saying "I'm not going to bed untill I know you lot are ok"

Harry smiled at you happily and said "well.. At least  get ready for bed babe"

"ok" you said giving him an Eskimo kiss.

You got up and walked into Harry's room to get ready for bed... After you had put Harry's shirt on you went into the bathroom and cleaned your teeth.

You walked back into Harry's room and looked at your new White top you had worn today.. It had a massive blood patch on the shoulder because of Harry's bloody lip when he hugged you.

You sighed and bundled it up and brought it through with you and put It in the washing machine.

Harry came over to you and asked "what you doing?"

You looked up qt him saying "nothing"

He laughed "yeah that looks like nothing to me" he put his hand in the washing machine and pulled out your top "oh my god! I'm so sorry" he said looking at the blood stain... He brought it over to the sink and got some soap and put it on the blood stain and began to scrub it between his knuckles.. After he got most of the stain out he put it back in the washing machine and he went. Back over to the sofa.

Yo went over to Niall and looked down at his leg that Liam was treating and you asked Niall "are you ok?"

He looked up and nodded quietly at you.

Liam looked up and smiled "done!" and he got up and walked over to to bin and put the tissue in the bin.

"you all ready for bed " Niall assumed smiling at me.

"yup" you nodded "Harry says I should get ready for bed cuz of earlier..."

Niall nodded remembering what you were talking about "oh.. That" and he got up and said "well I'm off to the land of sleep.. Night Annabel" and he gave you a warm Nialler hug.

You smiled at him "night Niall" and he went into his room.

Just then you walked over to Zayn "thanks for helping earlier I was terrified"

"I kind of guessed" He said winking kindly at you.

He yawned covering his mouth "well I'm tired.. I'm going to bed cya tmoz Annabel and he pulled you into a huge hug.

"night" you said to him smiling.

That just left you, louis, Liam and Harry in the living room.

Liam looked up sighing "well everyone is going to bed... So... Night you three I'm heading off to bed"

"night" you said smiling at him.

You came over to Harry and sat on his knee.

He smiled giving you an Eskimo kiss.

Just then louis smiled at you both saying "well... Night" and he walked over to his bedroom.

When louis's door clicked shut Harry lent closer to you and he pressed his lips against yours and he tightened the grip against your back and he began to nibble softly on your bottom lip.

You kissed him back and he leaned back so he was laid on the sofa with you on top of him.

You didn't care about his bloody lip because it had stopped bleeding. He kept on kissing you on your lips, getting softer each time. Sooner or later he stopped and you both looked into each others eyes. You could feel Harry's big hand on wrest on your bum but you didn't care.

You laid your head on his chest and said "I love you Harry"

"I'll make us both a tea before bed" he said as you climbed off him.

You walked over to the kitchen and harry came up behind you and put the kettle on.

You got two mugs out of the cupboard "there you are Harry" you said putting them down next to the tea bag tin.

Harry got the tea bags out and put them in the mugs and asked "do you take sugar?"

You shuck your head "nope"

And he poured the water in the tea and got the milk out and blobbed some milk in the tea.

Harry passed you your tea and you both walked out onto the balcony.

As you both stood there, the full moon was out and you both looked up and sighed in Aw.

"wow" you said.

"I know right" Harry said putting his hands on the rail rather side of you so he had blocked you in his arms against the balcony railings.

You turned around and smiled at Harry in his big arms.. "I love you" he said before he kissed you passionately on the balcony.

Just then you saw a light flash from below the balcony and Harry peered down the balcony and just then A fash appeared again.. Harry's face turned cold again, you heard him mumble underneath his breath "why do they always find us!?"

You looked at Harry concerned "what do you mean? Who are you talking about Harry?"

He looked up at you sighing "the paparazzi.." he got hold of your hand saying quietly "come on let's go inside" he said sounding pissed off.

When you got inside Harry said putting his hands together "right! I better get my bedding out to put on the sofa."

You looked at him and held his hand "you could sleep with me tonight..." you paused and looked up at him nervously and spluttered out quiertly "well... I mean only if you... Erm... Want to..."

Letting his dimples appear he began in his husky voice "yeah, that would be nice"

You walked into the bedroom and you went over to the bed and slid into bed.

Harry sat at the bottom of the bed and took off his shoes and his socks.

He looked over at you because he knew you were looking at him, he looked back round and he pulled his top over his head ravelling his toned, fit body.. He looked back around at you revealing clearly the two sailor style birds tattoos on his chest.. "hey nosey, keep your eyes off" he winked at you before chucking at you his shirt he had just taken off. You giggled at this and pushed it off you.

just then Harry stood up and undid his trouser button and unzipped the zipper. He pulled his black skinny jeans off and put them a pile at the end off his bed "so.. Time for bed" he said going over to the other side of the bed.. He slid in under the covers and you shuffled over a bit and laid down facing away from Harry.

Just then he whimpered "babe, why are you moving away from me?" he budged a little closer to you.

You sighed "what? I didn't mean to babe.. Night" you said softly.

Just then when you had closed your eyes you felt Harry's arm creep around you and he cuddled you tightly to himself. He budged his body over a bit so his legs, feet and bodies were touching.

You felt butterfly's in your tummy.

You felt so safe in his arms though!

You felt his warm breath wash over the back of your neck as you tried to get to sleep.

You smiled and you closed you're eyes and fell fast asleep.

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