Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


22. Food Fight

You got off the bed and Harry followed  close behind.

Harry got the bread out of the bread bin and got four slices out and put them on the bread board. He got the ham out of the fridge and the mustard, mayonnaise and the butter out as well.

You got a knife out of the draw and gave it to Harry so he could spread the bread.

He held the knife and began to spread the butter on the bread "are you ready to have a Harry special? I make the best sandwiches on this whole planet!" he boasted to you.

"oh, are you so sure about that?" you said folding your arms and raising your eyebrows at Harry.

"yes, I am the amazing Harold Edward styles! Why wouldn't I be?" he said winking at you.

You chuckled at this watching him spread the bread with an expression of concentration on his face.

You walked over to the kettle and put it on, just then you turned around to see Harry putting the radio on.. Just then Florence and the Machine came on singing "spectrum" and as it went to the chorus Harry began to hum along.. But as you turned around you felt a big hand wipe some sort of sloppy liquid on your face! You turned around gasping to find Harry laughing at you.. You wiped the stuff off of your face to find out it was mayonnaise...

As he turned around you walked over to him holding the ketchup.. You opened the jar and took a scoop of it and wiped it all over Harry's arm.. He looked at you and smiled at you saying the words "this means war!" he got hold of one of the buttered bread slices and stuffed it down the back of your shirt.. You giggled, trying to get it out.. But actually in one hand you were still holding the ketchup and you scooped another hand full and slopped it on Harry's front.. You began to laugh and run into the living room trying to get away from Harry..

He was hot on your trail though and as you got over to the sofa Harry grabbed you and pulled you over his shoulder.. Taking you back to the kitchen.. "Harry, put me down" you giggled.

As you got back though to the kitchen he put you down but before you had any chance of escaping you looked up to see Harry was holding a bag of flour.. As soon as you closed your eyes the whole  bag Of flour burst and landed on you and Harry... You jumped back in shock to look back at Harry who was crouched over laughing.

You got hold of the butter and mashed it in between your floury hands to launch it at Harry.. It clung to the leg of his black skinny jeans with some force..

You smiled at this as harry looked up at you.. He began to walk towards you unarmed.. You backed up against the work surface as Harry came even closer.. He began to laugh at the mess you had both made and you felt just as silly as him.. But before you could realize Harry's lips were on yours and he had you trapped against the work top units.. You kissed back harder but he beat that easily.. Just then the door came crashing open and as you both looked over in horror you saw Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam's faces gasp at the mess..

"WHAT THE FRICK HAPPENED HARRY!?" Liam shouted over to you both..

You both burst into laughter at this awkward situation.. Niall walked over to the oven and asked "Where are the apple turnovers?" this made you both laugh even harder....

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