Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


17. Awkward!

You began to think that you had forgotten something very important.. Oh shit!!! You had totally forgotten about your friends!!! They would be worried sick about you!!!!!

You sat up saying "oh shit!!!!"

Harry looked at you concerned "what's the matter Annabel?"

"I have forgotten to tell my friends I am ok! They will be worried sick!! Oh shit!!! I need to see them today!" you said feeling very worried.

"well.. I'll drive you there" Harry added.

"well we have to set off soon because I dint want to make them more nervous than they all ready are." you sighed.

Niall said "Ok then we will leave you two to it... We are going to meet up with Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor today.. Come on you lot.." and they all got up and left the room.

You looked at Harry and he looked at you and you both burst into laughter about what the boys though you two had been up to in bed.

He sat up announcing "time to get up!"

He swung his legs out of bed and he walked over to his pile of clothes at the bottom of the bed and slipped his jeans on.. you though for q second and then asked "can I borrow your phone charger so I can charge my phone up so I could just phone them instead." he nodded and smiled at you walking over to his charger and passed it to you in bed.

"whilst your charging your phone up you could use mine to phone your friends..." he suggested.

You smiled saying "thanks Harry that would be nice."

He passed you his phone and you began to tips Izzy's number into his phone...

You pressed the call button and sat up.

This was the phone call:

"hello this is Izzy you are speaking to.. what do you want?" she said assertively.

"it's Annabel"

There was a long pause... Then she started again..

"Annabel!!! I though you had been kidnapped!!! Where the hell are you!?" she shouted down the phone..

"I'm so sorry I totally forgot.."

She Butted in saying "where are you?"

"I'm with some friends" you said sounding very unconvincing.

"who are your friends called?" she said sounding suspicious..

"erm.. His name is-"

She interrupted saying "HE!!! What the hell!? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine he is so kind.. I'll pass him on to you to convince you I am safe"

"he better be!" she said huffing and puffing.

You put Harry's phone on speaker phone so you could here the convocation and passed the phone to Harry...

Harry looked at you for re assurance and then said "erm.. Hi.."


He raised his eyebrows "My name is Harry Styels"

There was a long pause after he said that and then Izzy started..

She gasped "wait... Do you mean Harry Styles out of One Direction!?"

He smiled "yep"

"wait.. Why the hell are you will Annabel!? She isn't a member of your groupies!!!" she shouted at him.

Harry said shocked "what!? We surely don't have groupies and the only reason why Ananbel is here because Louis acidently nocked her over at the fair ground and then she hit her head and she passed out and then We took her home cuz we couldnt just leave her.. And then i got to know her and now we are girlfriend and boyfriend! That's why she is here! Ok!?" he said assertively to her.

"wwwhhhhaaa?" she said slowly..

You butted in "Izzy I'm in safe hands here and I will visit you all some time with the boys but I'm busy at the moment with my boyfriend.. Love you"

"bye Bezzie!!" She said happily and put the phone down.

"wow" he said looking up at you "so come on babe let's get dressed." He pulled his top on and then walked over to your pile of clothes and got hold of your bra and began to swing I around on his finger.

"Harry!" you laughed "give it back!!!" you ran at him and grabbed your bra off him and you held it close to your chest.

He laughed and went into the on-suite bathroom and closed the door.

You took This as a time to get dressed and pulled your jeans on and chucked your bed shirt off onto the bed.. You put your bra on and went back over to your pile of clothes.. Where the he'll was your top!?

Oh yeah! You had put it in the washing machine last night.. You couldn't get it because the boys were in the kitchen.. What were you going to do?

Just then Harry came out of the bathroom and you turned around so your back was faceing him.

Harry began to laugh "hahaha you don't have a top today do you?"

"no" you said blushing..

"I know.. Here" he said dangling infont of him a shirt "you can put this on babe and we will go to Perrie's house to get you some clothes.."

Harry smirked "nice bra by the way"

You folded your arms "oh and you looked did you!?"

"yep!" he said confidantly.

"you will pay for that!" you said walking passed Harry to get the top.

Just then he smacked your bum playfully.

You turned around and raised you eyebrows at him.

He began to laugh at this and walked over to you, dropping the top and was just about to kiss you but you moved back and you fell on the bed, you began to laugh as Harry climbed ontop of you and kissed you passionately, he put his arms on ether side of you so you couldn't escape.. But you didn't wannto any way.

Just then the door opened and you both looked over to the door to see Niall at the door gasping "sorry" and he shut the door quickly.

Harry burst into laughter and kissed you once more and then slid off you and held his hand and you held his hand tightly as he pulled you up.

"come on then" Harry said still laughing and passed you his top.

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