Playing by the Rules

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on


8. Chapter 8

 "Thanks for the paper." He said folding it up and placing it in his pocket. He set the pen on the table and pulled his phone back out.

 "No problem." I said turning the tv up a hair. Harry soon started to laugh, and I turned towards him.

 "Huh?" I asked.

 "The lads I was on the phone with just sent me a snap chat." He said showing his phone to me. I laughed a little as I saw a few guys posing with little dolls that looked like themselves. And to top it all off, half of them were doing the duck face. Hahah oh my gosh, I have now lived. It captioned: ' I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie worrrld... Bitch, we be fabulous.'

 "Wanna send one back with me?" He laughed. Pshh are you kidding? Those guys are hawt. There is no way I'm letting them see my ratchet ass face. "I'm ok." I said hiding my face.

 "Come on. Pleease." He pouted holding up his phone.

 "Only if I don't have to look at the camera."


 I looked at the tv and did a peace sign to cover up the side of my face.

 "Did you take it?" I asked.

 "Yeah." He chuckled. As soon as I turned my head to look at the picture, the camera snapped on my face. Damn it, Harry. "Fuck you, you little cunt." I mumbled. Harry took a snapshot of it.

 "You would like that wouldn't you?" Harry smirked, criss-crossing his legs on the couch facing me. I blushed and reached for the phone.

 "Can I see it before you send it?"

 He held it above his head. "I didn't hear any denial there." He smirked biting his lip.

 "Please don't send it, I wanna see it first." I whined, ignoring his comment. I adjusted to where I was now sitting on my knees leaning over him on the couch. I rested my hand on his leg as support as I reached closer to his phone.

 "Harry. Please don't." I pleaded. He sat on the arm of the couch to gain some distance between me and his phone.

 "What's in it for me?" He smirked. I looked down at him and realized how close we were. God, if I was to turn a little more, my boobs would have been right in his face. I blush and backed away. He scooted down off the arm of the couch and to his original position. I was still the same, except I was sitting on my heels instead.

 I crossed my arms and looked at him. "Ok I guess it's alright then?" He said sarcastically.

 "No." I shook my head. He rolled his eyes and showed me the picture. Oh my gosh. It was blurry, and I looked kinda scary. His phone started to vibrated, and he laughed a little. "The guys think you're hot." He said showing me the picture he received. It captioned: 'Hot damn gurrl. ' and they were all doing an over exaggerated winky face.

 My face reddened. That was so embarrassing. "I change my mind, you're mean." I muttered as I leaned sideways on the back of the couch.

 "Aww, come on. You'll get over it." He chuckled.

 I grabbed my phone looked at him. He was still paying attention to his phone, so I called his name. "Huh?" He asked as he looked up. Just then I held down the camera button and took about fifty pictures at once. I laughed as I scrolled through my camera roll.

 "What?" He questioned obviously not realizing what I had done.

 "Nothing." I looked up and smiled cheekily at him.

 "Lex? Did you really just- Uhh. Hand it over." He said with his hand out. Haha if he thinks I'm gonna hand him my phone, he's got another thing coming to him! I shook my head.

 "Delete mine, and I'll delete some of yours." "You have more than one?" He asked, shocked.

 "Pshh, what? Nooo. You're crazy. Hey, out of no related reason what so ever, what's your twitter?"  

 "Ok deal!" He shouted. handing me his phone. I smirked and handed him mine.

 "Passcode?" he asked.

 "0240, you?"

 "2009." Like the date? Hmm.

 I quickly went to his camera roll and deleted the picture. Then I got on his twitter, followed myself, and tweeted a lovely tweet to me. Damn, he's got a lot of followers. And I mean A LOT. '@LexieGurl I swear you are the bestest person in the whole entire infinite world! People need to take notes on your awesomeness.' I also took the liberty of writing another tweet just for him. ' I like cheesy turnips. I wish I had a bed made of mashed potatoes and gravy... MERICA! '

 I laughed to myself and looked up at Harry. Haha he's still deleting all the pictures! I went to his snapchat and looked for the friend he was snapping earlier. I took a picture of Harry concentrating on my phone, captioned: 'He wants your gravy.' .

 While I was waiting for a reply I decided to blow up his camera feed. I took one of me with my tongue out, one where it looks like I'm crushing Harry's head, and the rest of the ceiling. Hahah 136 pictures.

 What's taking Harry so long? I looked up at him once again. I don't think he was deleting pictures anymore. Ehh that's ok, he can go through my phone since I'm going through his. I got a snap back from the guys making funny faces captioned: 'Come and get it Harry! (; '

 I took a picture of me doing the 'shocked' face and wrote: 'Too late, he's already full from your mom's!(; J/k ' Harry looked up at me after hearing me laugh again.

 "Here ya go sweet cheeks." I winked and handed him his phone.

 "God, I'm scared. I can't believe I trusted you with my phone."

 "Took the words right out of my mouth." I laughed.

 Harry looked up at me. "What did you sent the boys?" 

 "A picture, I thought that's how it worked." I said in a duh tone.

 "Well what ever you said got them going." He laughed. showing me a picture of them laughing, labeled: 'Touche.' 

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