Playing by the Rules

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on


7. Chapter 7

 "Oh my gosh that was so fun!" I exclaimed as I put my laser and vest back on the rack. 

 "Yeah." He laughed. "Hey, lets go see our scores." 

 I nodded as we made our way over to the tv screen hanging on the wall. I love laser tag, it's so much fun. I haven't been in so long. I'm really glad Harry mentioned it. I smirked when I saw my score.

 "Yes! Third place!" I shouted. 

 "Hah! I got second!" Harry teased. Over achiever! I smacked him lightly in the chest. 

 "Shut up. You only beat me because you followed me around and shot me in the back every five seconds." I laughed. He laughed back.

 "Nuh uhh." He smiled.

 "Whatever." I mumbled smiling back grabbing my score paper and making my way towards the door.

 "So you ready to head back to yours?" He asked walking back to the car.

 "Sure." I said opening the passenger door. I buckled my seat belt and he started the car. "Harry?" I said to get his attention.

 "Hmm?" he asked keeping his eyes on the road. 

 "Thanks for today. I had a lot of fun." I said looking at him. He glanced back at me and smiled. "No problem. I had a lot of fun too." There was a while of silence before I broke it again.

 "Harry?" I asked again.

 "Yes?" He chuckled.

 "Why are you being so nice to me?"

 "Because your nice back to me." He smiled. That didn't sound very believable. I'll just talk to him later, I'm kinda tired. "Ok." I sighed. I pulled out my phone and texted Red. I laid my phone in my lap and leaned against the window. I slowly blinked a couple of times and could feel the warmth of the sun against my, now, closed eyes. 

 "Alex?" I heard someone whisper. "Hmm..." I moaned turning over into the soft plush fabric. Wait. When did I fall asleep on the coach? I opened my eyes. "Sorry, I didn't want to wake you, but..." Harry trailed off. Did he carry me in? Awww. 

 "It's fine." I smiled as I slowly sat up. "How long was I asleep for?" I rubbed my right eye.

"About fifteen minutes. Your phone started ringing, and I saw that it was from Red, so I figured you'd want to talk to him." He shrugged and sat up from the couch.

 "Thanks." I said looking around for my phone. Harry picked it up from the coffee table and handed it to me. I smiled at him and he slightly smiled back before leaving the room. 

 I went to my recent calls, and sure enough his contact was there. I clicked call, and heard the dial tone ring a few times before he answered.

 "Good morning." I smiled, even though he couldn't see.

 "Good afternoon, ma lady." He laughed. "How have you been doing babe?"

 "I'm good, how about you?"

  "Fabulous." He laughed. "Hey um, I was wanting to know when you are coming to London again."

 "Well my flight leaves this Saturday." I answered.

 "Ok, how about I meet you out for lunch the following Wednesday?"

 "Perfect." I smiled to myself. Oh my gosh. Is that a date? Eep. I seriously hope he's not a Catfish.

 "Great! I can't wait to see your beautiful face Lex." He chuckled. Awww. Well, kinda. He hasn't actually seen my face yet, since he wasn't allowed to show me his, I told him I wouldn't show him mine. It wouldn't be fair. But still. Awww.

 I laughed a little. His voice sounds amazing though. From the sounds of it, I think he'd be very attractive. But if he's not, I won't really care, he's still one of my best friends. 

 "I'll text you the directions Tuesday night if you need it." He said.

 "Alright, thank you." 

 "No problem." He paused. "Hey, I think I'm getting another call, do you think you could call me later before you go to sleep?" He asked.

 "Of course, it was nice talking to you." I smiled.

 "You too." And for some odd reason, it felt like I could feel him smiling back. "Aye! Everyone come over here Boobear is calling!" He yelled in the background, and I laughed.

 "Bye Lexi! I can't wait to see you!" He shouted again, not realizing I was inches away from him. I heard multiple byes in the background being shouted at me.

 "Byeee!" I laughed, and hung up the phone.

 A few minutes later Harry came back into the room with his phone pressed to his ear. "Hey Alex, do you have a spare piece of paper and a pen I could borrow please?" He asked now holding it to his shoulder. I got up and jogged to the kitchen. I opened up the island draw and tore off a piece of paper glued to the note pad. I quickly found a pen and jogged back to the living room.

 "Haha, I miss you guys too. I should be flying out there this Saturday hopefully." He spoke. He turned around and saw me. 'Thank you' he mouthed to me and winked. I blushed and nodded my head. I plopped back down on the couch and criss-crossed my legs facing the tv that was now silently playing. Harry sat down next to me and used his leg to write down on the little page I gave him a few moments ago.

 He nodded his head and scribbling down on the paper and he repeated a couple numbers back to the other line.

"Alright, thanks a lot! I'll see you guys soon!" He smiled. "Byeee everyone!" He laughed.

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