Playing by the Rules

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on


4. Chapter 4

 I woke up this morning feeling the sunshine creep through my eyelids. Uhh i forgot to close the blinds last night. I turned over deeper into my pillow. I reached for my phone on the nightstand and looked a the time. 9:43 am. Just as I was about to put my phone away I feel my phone vibrate. Red!

 From: Bobbio<3 - Hey Goodnight sweet pea. Talk to you tomorrow? .x

 Haha its from this morning though? I think he forgot again. I laughed and texted him back.

 To: Bobbio<3 - Hey Goodnight to you too. But what about us Americans that are just waking up? ;)

 About a minute later I get another text.

 From: Bobbio<3 - Haha sorry love. Talking to you everyday makes me feel as if you're here with me... Sorry I guess I just kinda forgot. Do over? Pretty please? :) P.s. When are you gonna get your arse over here in London? ;)

 I smiled.

 To: Bobbio<3 - Yeah. Yeah. Sure thing princess. ;)  And very soon I promise. :)

 From: Bobbio<3 - Yay! *Does victory dance* I can't wait to meet you! Pinky Promise?

 To: Bobbio<3 - Yeah I Pinky Promise :)

 From: Bobbio<3 - Ok:) Now go back to sleep. This is about to get legit. ;)

 I laughed again, and couldn't stop smiling. I heard a knock at my door. "Come in!" I said still laying down reading his text.

 From: Bobbio<3 -  Goooood Morning Sunshiiinne! Wakey wakey eggs and bakeyy!! :)

 I felt somebody lay down next to me as I started laughing again.

 "Ohhh? Who you texting? Is this you're boyfriend Rrrred?" Harry teased snatching my phone.

 "Harry give it baaack." I moaned rolling over on my belly copying his posture. "And he's not my boyfriend!"  He started going through my phone.

 "Suure he isn't." He laughed. I leaned over reaching with my right hand as he held back my left hand with his free one. "Stawwwp." I laughed.

"Make me." He laughed turning around putting my phone behind his back. We both sat cross legged facing each other. I gave him a pouty face as he laughed.

 It got quite and I suddenly got an idea. A smile appeared on my face as I crept forward. I looked him in the eyes as I slowly wrapped my bare legs on either side of him. I gently sat down, laying my hands on his shoulders, leaning him on his back as I softly straddled him. He set his hands on my waist and smirked. I smirked back realizing he forgot about the phone. I slowly adjusted my hips as I leaned in close letting my lips barely graze over his ear. He moaned quietly, barely able for me to hear, but just enough. "Harry" I slowly moaned with him. I gave him a look as I slightly nibbled on my bottom lip. I motioned my hips back and forth as gently as I could while my left hand slid down his chest. Next my right hand, but instead went towards my phone, unnoticed. I leaned in again. "You know what I want?" I said smiling, glancing at his soft lips. "Hmm" He mumbled as he closed his eyes. 

 "My phone!" I yelled as I hoped off of him and ran into my bathroom with my cellular device, locking the door.  I heard a chuckle as Harry left my room "This isn't over Lexi!" He shouted, walking out.

 "Oh shit." What did I just do? Why did i do that? This is all sinking in now. I must have been pretty desperate for my phone. I never expected myself to do anything like that.

 I have to admit, he WAS getting me pretty turned on though. Oh my gosh what am I saying? I'm such a slut! I mean I just met him yesterday! Oh my gosh. Ok just breath Lex. Breath. It's ok. I mean it's not technically sluty if I've never done it before right? Plus It's not like I had a boyfriend. Although I do wish Red was... Oh shit, Bob! 

 I quickly pulled up his contact and sent him a text. 

To: Bobbio<3 - Hahah Goodnight Bob, Sweet dreams ;)  P.s. Thank you for the wonnnderful message! :) 

Yeah. I'm a slut...

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