Playing by the Rules

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2. Chapter 2

"Mom I'm home!" I shouted, running up to my room.

"Yes!" She shouted back. What?

"Yes wha-" I started.

"Say my name!" What the fuck!! "Ohh Harry!" EWWWW!!! I slammed my bedroom door to let them know  I was here. It seemed to work because they stopped. When did my mom get a boyfriend?!? Well this isn't a very pleasant first impression.  I think i'm gonna puke! 

   I tossed my bags to the floor and plopped on my bed. I'm so exhausted from walking around so much at the mall. Brittany and I bought bags of new clothes, and yes, my new game. I cancelled mine and Britt's sleepover so I could pack for next week. I decided to start tomorrow though because I really wanted to try this game. Plus I have about four more days to pack. I rushed over to my GameStop bag and grabbed the case. Yes! I started reading the case as I jogged downstairs towards the living room. I was almost there when I bumped into someone.

"Sorry mom. Didn't see you there." I said still walking, concentrated on my game case.

"Ohh no you don't. What are you doing home? I thought you were staying at Brittany's tonight." She said grabbing my arm and turning me around.

"I came home to get an early start on packing tomorrow. I'm sorry. I can tell I should have called. Go ahead continue if you want, just please try to stay quiet? It's a little disturbing if you know what I mean." I laughed.

"Haha, very funny." She said with a straight face.

"Yeah I know right? So when were you going to tell me about him anyways?" I asked crossing my arms.

"He is actually leaving soon, to London to be exact. He lives there." She stated.

"You're kidding me right?" I asked with a blank expression.

"No, he just needed a place to stay, he was visiting a friend down here, and things didn't go too well."

"And how the hell do you know him?!" I asked a bit too loud.

"I knew his dad, and watch your language around me!"

I face palmed. "Mom! He's got to be about my age! How could you!"

"I know, but one thing led to another and... I guess here we are. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking right." She said.

I sighed. "It's ok, we all make very stupid stupid STUpid-"

"I get it."

"mistakes." I finished and sighed. "Just how old IS he exactly?" I asked nervously.

"21, You wanna meet him?"

I sighed. "Might as well considering he'll be staying here for a little while." I said, trying not to gag.

My mom led me the rest of the way to the living room to the '21 year old'.

    I almost flinched when I walked into the room. He was hot. Especially those curls of his. I wasn't expecting anyone like this. How did my mom even get with him? I don't even think I could even though I'm closer in age. Though, my mom is a pretty attractive woman considering her age, she's 35 at the moment. Does he even know her age?! God I hope so!

"Umm... Hi." He said. Oh gosh was I staring? I hope not.

"Hello." This is awkward. "I'm Alexis, but you can call me Lexi. Annd you must be Oh Harry." I smirked. What can I say? I like messing with people.

His cheeks darkened a bit. "I'm sorry that you had to hear that. I think I would prefer just Harry though."

"You sure?"

He laughed a little. "Yeah."

"Well I guess I'll just leave you two to talk, I gotta go make dinner." my mom said hesitantly.

"Ok." We both said as she walked out of the room.

It was really quiet for a little while before he spoke up. "So you like Halo?" He asked gesturing towards the game in my hand

"Huh? Oh yeah, I actually haven't tried this one yet. I was just about to, want to join?"

"Sure." He smiled.

"Ok." I said as I got up and set up our game. I handed him a controller and sat down in the carpet in front of the TV.

"Just so you know I have already mastered this game in my head five seconds ago, just thought I'd be fair by telling you that." I stated calmly as the title screen came on.

He laughed. "Lucky for you I've played this before, and kick ass at it too. Just thought I'D be fair by telling YOU that." He mocked turning towards me.

"Touche. Touc-hey! Red is on!" I almost yelled. "Do you mind if he joins our party?" I asked.

"Not at all. He can be a witness to my victory." He smirked.

I gave him a 'Whatever' look as I invited 'RedAssassin' to our party and grabbed out headsets.

"Hey Red, what's up?" I asked.

"Just got done playing some COD."

"Cool, I finally got Halo4, wanna play?"

"Fiiiinally. It took you long enough! Haha sure."

"Ok, bye the way this is my... my friend? Harry." I half asked half stated. I wasn't sure what to call him. I should have just said 'this is Harry'. I mentally face-palmed myself.

"Hey Harry, you can call me Red."



Sorry, I know this chapter is kinda gross. (I about puked writing this.) But I had to have them meet somehow. I hope that makes sense, if not it will later.

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