Playing by the Rules

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on


16. Chapter 16

 "Okay. So what was it you needed help with again?" Niall asked.

 I patted the mattresses and frame. "This bad boy right here."

 He chuckled a little and met me by the furniture.

 "I think we'll be moving it into that room back there." I pointed behind him towards my bed room.

 "You think?" He smirked.

 "Just help me?" I giggled and grabbed onto my end of the frame. He held up his hands in defense and grabbed his end.

 "Ok. On three lift." He said as he began to count.

 "Wait." I said. "Do we lift on three or after three?"

 "On three." He chuckled.

 "Ok? Ok. One. Two. Three." He said as I felt the frame getting lighter.

 "You soo lifted it after three." I said teasingly.

 "Shut up, you're gonna make me drop it." He laughed.

 I smiled. "Okay we're almost to the door so watch-" Thump. "...Out." I said as Niall bumped into the wall next to the door.

 We quickly got it into the room and set it down before we erupted into any more laughter. Once we stopped laughing we adjusted it in front of the back wall. We walked out to the other two small mattresses and dragged them into the room as well.

 I thanked Niall as I hopped onto the end of my bed. 

 "Seriously, I don't know how I would have moved that by myself."

 "No problem. If you want, I could help you move your other furniture around with you."

 "Oh that's ok, I actually have someone coming over tomorrow to help me, I just needed somewhere to sleep tonight before he got here, you know?" I giggled.

 He chuckled back. "Ohh so someone has a boyfriend?" He cooed.

 "No, he's just a friend." I smiled.

 "Oh, ok. Well are you hungry, because I am." He said standing up.

 I nodded my head and followed him to the door.

 "I hope you like pizza." He smiled.

 When we got to his place we heard laughter coming from inside. He opened the door and led me inside. "So did you guys start the party with out me?" He chuckled looking at the opened pizza boxes sitting on the coffee table.

 He led me to sit on the couch next to him, across from Zayn and another fellow.

 "Oh hey, you must be Lexi?" He questioned. "I'm Josh. Niall and Zayn's roommate." He said has he extended his hand to me.

 I nodded my head and greeted him. Niall handed me a plate of pizza and began eating his.

 "So where are you from?" Josh asks.

 "Oklahoma." I reply taking a bite of my pizza. They all looked shocked.

 "What brings you all the way out here, if you don't mind me asking?" Zayn asked.

 "Oh I don't mind. My friend and I were going to attend a college down here together, but she bailed at last minute. So I guess it's just me now. Although I might try and find a new roommate soon because I don't know if I can afford living here by my self." I said and continued eating.

 "You could always room with me." Josh winked.

 "Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm good for right now." I laughed, and they joined in laughing.

 "Wow, I think you're going to be a much better neighbor than our old one." Niall laughed. "They always kept to themselves, and looking back on it, they were kinda creepy."

 "That doesn't make my future home sound scary at all..." I mumble sarcastically as they laughed.

 "Dude I'm serious, I'm probably gonna piss my bed tonight if I hear any noises." I giggled.

 They laughed harder.


 We continued talking for what seemed like forever, until I started to get sleepy.

 "Well I think I'm gonna hit the hay." I said, standing up. I walked to the door. "It was nice meeting you guys. I had a great time." I smiled. 

 "Thanks for coming over." Niall smiled.

 "Thanks for dinner." I said and walked out the door.

 I quickly made my way to my room and grabbed a big t-shirt from my closet, some shorts, and some fresh underwear. Then I went to the bathroom and undressed sleepily, hopping in the shower.

 I took my time in there until I hear a noise from outside the door. I quickly hopped out and got dressed. I put my ear up to the door and listened for anything different.

 "Hello?" I quietly called as I peeked out the door. No one was there.

  Maybe it's because I'm in a new environment, and I'm just being paranoid. I heard something else. Or maybe the older creepy neighbor liked to play with ghosts and shit?! I ran to lock my bed room door. 

 I didn't dare turn the lights off as I ran past the switch and jumped into my bed. I got under the covers and cradled myself on my side into a little ball. I gripped the blankets tightly and closed my eyes. Then I felt the covers move at the foot of my bed. I didn't dare move.

 Something brushed past my foot and gripped my ankle. I screamed as they violently pulled me to the foot of the bed.

 I closed my eyes and covered my head.

 "Hahaha oh my gosh you should have saw your face!" Niall laughed.

 I opened my eyes suddenly and sat up. "Niall! You scared me!" I said as I smacked him in the chest. I pulled my blankets with me as I laid back at the top of the bed.

 "Sorry." He laughed a little quieter, sitting at the foot of the bed.

 "How the hell did you even get in here." I asked looking at him.

 "The door was unlocked." He smiled. He is such a smiley person, I like that about him. "It's not very safe to leave your door unlocked like that, you know?"

 "So did you come in here to just scare the hell out of me or...?" I asked crossing my arms.

 "Zayn and Josh fell asleep, and I'm still wide awake. You're a fun person, so I figure maybe you'd stay up with me?" He pouted his lip.

 I sighed and patted the spot next to me. He smiled, taking off his shoes and sitting next to me.

 "Sooo..." He said. "What do you want to talk about?" He asked.

 "I'm pretty much talked out from earlier, how about we just go to sleep." I said and laid down.

 "Ok." Niall said laying down with me.

 "I meant in our own beds." I giggled.

 "Too late, I'm comfortable now." He smirked.

 I sighed. "I can't believe I'm letting practically a stranger sleep in my bed."

 He laughed a little. "I'm not tooo much of a stranger."

 "Yeah sure. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here is my bed. Sleep with me maybe?"

 "If you say so." He smirked.

 "Kidding!" I said turning away from him. It was quiet for a moment until I heard him again.

 "Hey Lex?"

 "Hmm?" I mumbled.

 "I'm cold, can I have some blankets?" He asked.

 I nodded my head and he pulled them up enough to crawled underneath.

 "Comfy?" I asked.

 "Nope." He said. He moved a bit closer and deeper into the blankets. "Ok, now I am." He replied.

 I laughed a little. "Ok, now go to sleep."

 He laughed quietly "Yes sir."

 I rolled over and smacked him in the arm.

 "Ow." He played.

 I closed my eyes and snuggled into my pillow. Then I felt something at my feet again, but this time it tickled. I opened my eyes.

 "Niall." I giggled. "That's my foot."

 He laughed a little. "Sorry you just feel really warm, and I'm cold."

 I smiled and moved closer to him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

 "Liar. You're warmer than I am." I giggled.

 He laughed. "Shhh... go to sleep."

 "Ok Mr. Bossy." I said. A few moments passed.

 Then I heard him start snoring.

 "Niall? Niiiall." I whispered. Good lord he just got louder with each word I spoke. I sat up and smacked him once with my pillow. He smiled and continued to snore. I giggled. "Niall stop."

 I heard a noise. "Wait. Shhh... Niall, really. Stop." I covered his mouth and looked around the empty room. He stopped and listened. 

 "Yeah you can get the lights if you're wanting them off, because I'm not getting up." I said laying back down. 

 Niall chuckled and got up. "Women." He turned out the lights and got back in bed.

 "It's ok, the boogie man won't get you tonight." He teased grabbing a hold of me.

 I closed my eyes. "Thanks."

 He nodded. "Mhm."

 He paused. "Hey Lex?"

 "What?" I sighed.

 "You're not wearing any pants, are you?" He asked.

 "Nope." I joked. "May I remind you that you were the one who wanted to sleep in here."

 "Yeah I know." He smirked, getting closer.

 I pulled away and laughed. "Men."

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