Over Again Sequel To 'It's Gotta Be You'

Once upon a time their love was strong. Once upon a time they were inseparable. She never stopped loving him and he never stopped loving her. Niall and Abigail had everything but Niall threw it all away, what will it take to get Abigail to forgive and forget? Will all be lost or all be found?
Sequel to It's Gotta Be You


3. Mad House



Chapter 3 Mad House

*Niall’s Point of View*

            As our gazes locked I saw what I always dreaded. Hurt, hate and sorrow flashed in her eyes, only for a millisecond but there was no doubt that I saw it. I felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest, tossed it in the blender and fed it to a cat. I’m such a damn screw up.

            “Abigail-” I started.

            “No, stop, stop right there, don’t say you’re sorry, don’t even try anything with me,” she hissed through gritted teeth.

            I turned my head to face the hardwood floor grief and guilt flooding my veins. I really am sorry that I did that to her. It was a mistake coming here. I wish I could turn back time and erase all my mistakes and treat her like the princess I know she is. I’m such a damn idiot, an effing moron at that.

            “Alright have it your way,” I whispered and left to go sit at the other end of a bar. I sat there for far too long nursing drinks, and thinking about my pathetic life. I hope Abigail will found someone who treats her right, the one thing I didn’t do. I remembered everything I just didn’t bother to do anything. I only cared about myself. I pushed her away when I was hurting and now I’m paying the price. She looks so beautiful tonight, her hair a brilliant red, her eyes the warmest shade of brown, her full bow shaped lips, tall slim figure accented in her skin tight dress, and she isn’t mine anymore. She’s beautiful inside and out. She seems like a tough strong woman on the outside but she has the softest heart and the warmest soul. She never wanted to hurt anyone, she may have hurt me but I deserved it and she was protecting herself from the monster within me.  

            I told her from the beginning of our relationship that if I ever hurt her or if any of her light dimmed to leave me and never look back. She didn’t do this however, even after mistake after mistake, hurt, sorrow and misery she still stayed by me hopping that I would turn into the man I once was. As much as this hurts I’m glad she left, I never want to see the day her light burns out and all hope leaves her, I’m proud of her for leaving and not letting this happen. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she had let that happen.

*Abigail’s Point of View*

            I couldn’t stop staring at Niall from my spot on the dance floor. He was getting wasted again. I should’ve known. I thought that maybe he changed stopped drinking as much and quit the party life. But I suppose I was wrong there cuz there he is drinking, drink after drink. I’ve even lost count of how many beers he’s downed. It’s shameful how much he’s drinking. Suddenly I felt hand snaking around my waist and a voice whispered in my ear.

            “You’re looking hot babe, wanna dance?” he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine. Not the pleasant exciting shivers though, the bone chilling skin crawling shivers that make me wanna hurl.

            “No. I do not. Now let go of me before I grab hold of your willy and rip it off,” I snapped harshly not meeting the creep’s eyes.

“I’m done being nice,” growled the man behind me snatching my wrist and dragging me into the middle of the dance floor.

He grabbed my hips forcefully and started grinding his pelvis into my backside; he started moaning and whispering dirty and profound notions into my ear trying to turn me on but instead I was disgusted, I felt dirty and violated in so many ways. What I really want to do is turn around and slap him across the face but his large hands are holding my waist so tightly I can’t turn around, I know they’re going to be bruised in the morning, I can feel his fingers digging into my hip bones rubbing circles into them only causing me more pain. I can feel his hot breath on my neck reeking of alcohol and smoke. I forcefully ripped his hands off of me, turned and ran from the dance floor trying to get lost in the growing crowd but I wasn’t so lucky, he was catching up, hot on my tail, he was getting ever so closer. I curse myself for wearing such high heels today; the odds are so not in my favor right now. I felt him catch up behind me and grab me from behind throwing me over his shoulder and taking me outside.  

I felt myself being lifted off of the man’s shoulder and placed on the ground only to be shoved up against the wall with a knife held to my neck, the ally was dark and I couldn’t make out his features at all, the only thing I know is that he has pale greens eyes the light up in the dark. I send my prayers to God and pray that this won’t be the end of me…   

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