Its just be a set up plan for fame but is it full proof?


4. Would You Say Yes?

Ella's P.O.V.

"Was it really that bad? I mean, cmon its Harry  Fricken Styles!" Courtney asked.

It was around four in the afternoon, the day after the date. Courtney goes to University California Santa Barbara and was visiting me today. Courtney is my best friend. She is really skinny, with a short blond A line hair style, greenish eyes, and absolutely amazing when it comes to situations like these.

"It was soo awkward Court, all he did was go on his phone and ask me what I want to do in the future, thats so mainstream." I explained.

"If he asks you out again will you say yes?" she asks.

I thought about it then shook my head no. "No boy is worth that much of a bore".

"Well if you say yes think you could hook me up with his friend Niall?" she laughed.

I cracked a smile and shook my head. Oh Courtney, sometimes I wonder. My phone beeps loudly and Courtney glances at my phone curiously. "umm El, I think you have a text from an unknown number..." She hands me my Iphone and I look at it. It said-

Hey! Its Harry

I looked surprised, after how awkward it was he still texted me. So I texted back.

Hi, Its Ella!

E- Ella

H- Harry

H- Hi! again...

E- haha, this is so awkward

H- So it was really fun yesterday, and i really want to get to know you more, so wanna hand out some time?

Woah, another date? After that disaster?

"Uh, Court, your right he just asked me out...again"

She looked at me surprised. "Say Yes! ugh nevermind just give me your phone!"

She grabbed my phone and texted something quickly. A couple seconds later another bing sounded and she smiled successfully, and set my phone down. I snatched my phone and looked at the text and my mouth dropped open. She just texted Harry yes and my address! And hes coming over in about a half hour. I looked down at what I was wearing. A pair of ankle length black leggings and an oversized Alaska Sweatshirt with my hair in a bun on the top of my head. I was also wearing a pair of pink fluffy socks instead of shoes. I was in a really lazy mood so i shrugged and thought I was fine. I walked to the tiny kitchen in the room and started to boil some water in the kettle. "Court! You want some tea?" She responded with a yeah and I grabbed the box of Pumpkin Spice tea pouches. I grabbed three packs and put the box back. Then I opened the fridge and surveyed what I have. Some leftover pizza, pasta from the night before, a lot of yogurt, some fruits, and that was all. I closed the fridge and just grabbed a bag of sunchips from my pantry, put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and started to pour some water into three mugs. I grabbed a pink and teal cheveron designed cup for me, a white mug with a cute little owl on it for Courtnet, and a batman one for harry. I poured the hot water into the mugs and slip the pouches in there and look at the time. 5 more minutes. I quickly put the mugs onto a tray, put the chip and popcorn onto it too. I made it out to the living room couch where Courtney was watching a movie on the tv, and placed onto the wooden coffee table. Just as I was about to sit down the doorbell rang. I made my way to the door and opened it trying to put a bright smile on my face. "Hi Harry!"

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