Its just be a set up plan for fame but is it full proof?


2. Day 1

Harry's P.O.V

I drove later that day to UCLA, and parked my car waiting for Ella to come out. I looked down and put on my beanie and sunglasses so people wouldn't notice me. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and studied a picture of her that Simon sent me. I tried to remember what she looked like and what she liked. I looked at the time. 1:24. 6 more minutes until she got out. I looked around. A couple of students were standing around probably waiting for their next class. A tall girl with short brown hair was walking towards my car texting on her phone. She looked up and saw me watching her. I quickly looked down but it was too late.

"Oh My God! Your Harry Styles right?" She squeled

"The one and only" I opened my door and came out to greet her.

"Can I have an autograph?" She asked.

"Course" I tried to smile and grabbed a pen out of my jean pockets.

She took a peice of paper out of her bag and handed it to me. She also grabbed her phone and snapped a quick picture. Soon a crowd was starting to form and i was being bombarded with requests for pictures and autographs. A bell soon rang and i looked up. A door opened and more students started to walk out of a class. I started to slowly make my way over there, hoping Ella was in that class. I slightly pushed some people, apologizing as I go. I soon got closer but more people started to crowd around and I gave up although still scanning the crowd to see if Ella was in it. The door opened again and I looked back to see a girl looking down, shoving something in her leather bag. She looked up and toward the crowd and i saw her face. It was Ella! I slowly tried to make my way over there as she started to walk over the crowd. She saw my face when she stood on her tippy toes and her eyes sort of lighted up. I guess she really was a fan.


Ella's P.O.V

I was walking out of class today when I heard loud noises outside. I shoved my report he again did not like into my bag and looked up. I saw a crowd forming over something, and some guys just hanging around once in a while pointing to the crowd while talking to each other.I started to make my way over there and stood on my toes trying to see what was going on. The guy in the middle's head turned around, and i saw a pair of green eyes with a mop of curly hair on the top.

Omgosh! Its Harry Styles! I smiled at a memory of me two years ago telling myself that, one day will marry him. I shook my head. I've grown up. Yeah sure I still call myself a fan but, im just not an official directioner anymore. I still walked over there though to see if i still had a chance with an ex-imaginary-husband. The crowd started to move in my direction and a little path opened up and I moved too, to let hime walk out. He smiled at me and stopped when he walked to me. He stopped at me and grinned.

"Hi, I'm Harry Styles' He stuck out his hand.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. "I know who you are I used to be a fan"

"Used?" He stauck up and eyebrow.

"Ya, but I grew up. I moved on, just like my parents said I would." I said.

He tilted his head  and studied me. I cowered down, feeling self-conscious. Then he smiled.

"So, what's your name?" He asked. Man he's foward.

"Ella...Ella Lee" I answered.

"Well Ella Lee your really pretty, uh can you walk with me?"He asked nervously.

"What I mean yeah, sure" I nodded.

He turned around, and said to the crowd.

"Can you guys give us a minute, I promise I will sign and take pictures later." He instructed.

They all nodded they're head.

He nodded his head."Come"

I walked with him and he put his arm on my back, moving me along.

"So Ella, I wanted to ask you something" He said quietly so the girls wouldn't hear. Some were near us thinking we couldn't see them but we could and it was sort of annoying.



This is my first movella, so im sorry if its not good but PPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE like or fave. THANK YOU :)

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